Wednesday, April 22, 2009

out on the trail....

We had the most glorious spring day yesterday...with temperatures reaching record highs. There is much gardening to be done (as in...pulling weeds and digging edges)...and it was the perfect day for doing just that.

If you look at our yard from far enough away you don't actually see the weeds...or the shaggy edges...but when hubby tells me the weeds are beginning to go to seed...I get the message. I reasoned that if I spent the morning working hard out there...I could take the afternoon off and go for a wee bit of a climb.

We parked at the base of the mountain...and walked the trail just as we did last week. We have a routine...

which includes stairs...many of them! Oh yes...and at the top of the stairs we need to do a plank.

Trust me...a simple hike can include all kinds of things I hadn't counted on! Who needs a personal trainer if you go hiking with Marg?

We carried on up the trail...where forest meets subdivision......and quite enjoyed the colours of spring.

It wasn't long and we came upon the second set of stairs...

...101 this time. After discovering we would need a few more hours if we wanted to make it to the top of the mountain...we decided that we would leave that challenge for next time!

As you can see...we weren't exactly in the woods. At the rate the houses are being built on the mountain...there will be more roofs next week.

We weren't the only ones out on the trail yesterday! We met up with a few others......who were out on the campaign trail.

We have a provincial election coming up in a few weeks... ...and one politician was busy putting up signs. Since he happens to be Marg's representative in Victoria...she gave him a little encouragement...before we carried on our way. It seems there is already concern about the date of the provincial election...May 12th. It is quite possible that the Vancouver Canucks may be playing hockey that night...and since British Columbia residents feel quite strongly about supporting their local team...they may just forget about voting. Hockey and politics just don't seem to mix!

Speaking of which...the Vancouver Canucks are going to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. That's for real!

I'm back on the trail this morning...bright and early. I'm off to Abbotsford to visit my dad in the hospital...and pick up farm equipment parts enroute.

Have a great day!


  1. Whew! I feel as though I've had my exercise just reading this post - those stairs will keep your knees in great shape......I'm focussed on knees after reading an article on strengthening!
    Save travels today - I'm on the road too - I'll wave as I go by.

  2. That is quite the work out. How often do you two do this?

  3. Oh, yes my friend.
    What a day filled with laughter and exercise.
    That sounds like the best therapy for two hard core farm girls.
    How long did we last on the Plank?

  4. Well good luck to your team and may good citizens find a way to both vote and support the team.

    You are one amazing chickpea that's all I have to say. I'm exhausted just looking at the pics of your climb.

  5. I just finished a nice walk around my neighborhood, too. The weather is great in Texas!!

  6. Oh, those stairs - I need to do that!! I walk lots, but when we went on an actual hike last Fall, I had a hard time. Looks like you had fun with your personal trainer!
    That's the way to exercise!

  7. Wow those stairs look daunting!! Not so bad though with your own personal trainer cheering you on!

  8. My, what an ambitious hike! Glad you are having lovely weather right now. Today we are finally cooled back down to bearable temperatures here - hooray!

    Those houses are built so close together - I wouldn't like that!

  9. What could be better...a good friend, gorgeous weather, a great workout, and nature's beauty. You sure do live in an amazing part of the world. Mountains and parks are some of my favorite things. Thank you for sharing your day with us. I read lately that climbing stairs is one of the best workouts...good for you!!!

  10. You two are a hoot! It was a great day for enjoying the fresh air. We cheered on the Canucks too. Kathy

  11. That step climb is amazing. . well done. .and oh yay we were cheering last night too .. we were a bit tense for a bit. . but its going to be fun. . oh dear. . I'll have to do my voting in the morning.

  12. It looks like you have the most awesome views from your house. Lucky girl. It is beautiful!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  13. It looks like it was worth pulling some weeds to be able to hike in a beautiful place like that. Although I am amazed that you still had the energy for all of those stairs.

  14. Your home is so pretty. I wish I had half your energy. Wow. I am interested how often you do this also. Go girl.

  15. That looks like a great trail. Where does a person go to find this place? Looks like a great way to get a good workout.

  16. WHEW! Now I'm really tired! LOL I do not like stairs. I live in a house with three flights of stairs and after 34 years of going up and down my knees are unfortunatel showing signs of arthritis. Walking is fine it's the climbing that hurts them.

    Good luck to the Canucks!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson