Monday, September 28, 2009

bean the meantime

I'll be back tomorrow to post the happenings of the weekend...but in the meantime, I'll just post a little coffee shop story for a Monday morning.

While we were vacationing on the island last month...we discovered that everyone and their dog likes to go for coffee. It seems there is something very special about Bean Time!

As we approached the coffee shop, we saw a little pooch standing guard. Just then...we heard squealing brakes and a pick-up truck (that had been around the block a few times) pulled to a stop. The owner jumped out and ran to grab the dog....all the while giving her a much-deserved scolding. Thinking we might need an explanation...he told us he had missed the last few hours of work while he cruised the streets of the city looking for his beloved pet. She had simply vanished from home. He could not believe his eyes, when he found her clear across town...sitting in front of his favorite coffee shop. She had simply gone out for coffee.

We go to great lengths for a good cup of coffee...and it seems some pets do as well!

Have a great Monday...and a good cup of coffee.


  1. What a hoot. . .it seems the owner must spend more than his fair share of time at the coffee shop if the dog thought to go there to wait for pickup. He probaby wandered from home and figured. .let's see. . it's closer to the coffee shop than home and he'll show up there anyways

    Enjoy your day away.

  2. Funny are right, man or beast we love our coffee!

  3. Dogs are so smart, aren't they? A coffee shop is just the place to pass time and wait for your owner. What a fun story on this Monday morning. Wouldn't it be great if every Monday morning started out at a coffee shop with good friends. Okay, now back to real life. Happy Monday!

  4. What a great story and how fun that you were there right at that moment with the dog in front of the coffee shop :0)

  5. This is such a funny story Judy! Dogs have a good sense of smell and it must have been familiar to him.

    I just bought a new coffee grinder and enjoyed a most delicious fresh ground cup or two or three...this morning!

  6. You were there at the perfect moment - a blog story in the making!

  7. That's Life Eh? Just like last year when I was to keep my D's dog, she came with a suitcase...full of treats and grooming apparatus.
    What we don't do for our pets.
    I'd rather have coffee with you.
    Hope you have a good week.

  8. Oh that was lovely. Pets are sure something else. Don't you love having your camera around for shots like that. I loved that story.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson