Friday, September 4, 2009

a true country store...

When you live out in the country...the convenience of a corner store is a foreign concept. But in the recent past...we have become quite accustomed to being able to shop right close to home.

Two young gals set up shop...right on our farmyard...over the summer. For the most is a candy store.

But on occasion...they have diversified.

Since I am not all that big on candies...I came home with cards...and stationery. And...had the budget permitted...I could have purchased a one-of-a-kind necklace!

They have been quite pre-occupied with their little enterprise...Ryder helps out on occasion...and Bentley stands guard (quite necessary when you carry large amounts of cash in the till).

Since Grandpa comes and goes on the farmyard every day...he has been their favorite customer...I'm sure. And our milker...and her brother...have all had opportunity to part with petty cash...right at the work place. How convenient is that? Uncles, aunts and friends and neighbours...all have come to shop.

Since I haven't been buying all that many treats...I thought I would instead help them by replenishing their supplies yesterday. I brought them a bag of goodies...and went on my merry way. What a surprise when Grandpa arrived at the doorstep a few hours later...

...with a lot of the same treats I had just donated to the cause. They know how to run a profitable business!

Here's the thing though. After the weekend...they will be returning to school to further their education. The store will be closed...indefinitely...and once again we will need wheels to go shopping. But I'm thinking in these last few days...they may just be having a closing out sale! Who knows what Grandpa will be bringing home?

Have a great Labour Day weekend...


  1. I love love love this one. . .those kids just make me laugh ..and you do too .. .I have such vivid immagination that I can even see Grandpa smiling at them and pulling out his wallet.

    I wished I lived closer . .I'd stop for sure . ..I'd never be able to resist .. .I wonder if they do mail orders.

    I once purchased felted flowers from a little guy clear across the states . ..just becuase he had them dislplayed on his momma's blog. . perhaps if things don't sell out completely they could do that.

  2. So cute!! I can remember a lemonade and cookie stand run by some enterprising little boys around this place. It was hard for any customers to resist their hopeful grins :)

  3. You just made my day!!! Your blogging skills are constantly being fine tuned. I find myself looking forward to each and every one of your posts. This one is outstanding!! Love the pictures and the words that explain the pictures. Got to watch those grandpas with their tender hearts with their grandchildren. Great post!!!

  4. Love it!
    What a wonderful legacy your writing will be for these little ones. I can imagine how they will love these posts, looking back on a childhood that included such fun times!

  5. Fun, fun, I love to see children use their imaginations and play outside in the fresh air and not in front of the tv all the time.

    This brings back my childhood memories when we use to paint rocks and sell them on the sidewake, HA!! Those were the days!

    Have a wonderful weekend Judy filled with your loving family.

  6. Hours playing store. I've always wanted to do that as a small girl, but we lived so far out in the country, it would take hours for any prospective buyers to come along.

    Hm...I could of added a few things to that stand...the candies from my last camping trip.

    Enjoy another beautiful day.

  7. This was such fun to read! How persistant these girls are to keep the store going - it must be fun, and profitable. Dairymary

  8. Oh what a sweet post this is! What a wonderful grandpa :0)

  9. If I had known about this little shop, i just may have driven out to the farm with my onw grand kids to buy them a treat or two. Let me know when the store opens next season. What great fun those kids are having together. One day they will just love looking back at your journeling here on your blog and find great delight and laughter. Kathy

  10. I was just gonna tell you about my GD's selling painted rocks when I ran across Knitting Mania. They had more annoying boys (their words) on bikes than they had customers. Ya Papaw was the best customer. Oh ya they had lemonade too.

  11. Giggle giggle sooo cute! I am so entertain by our little ones these days.

    I especially love grandpa's support of "buying local and fresh."

  12. I enjoy all of your posts, but this one was really a standout. Your grandchildren have taken the idea of a lemonade stand to new levels. Who could resist purchasing from those cutie pies? Loved the story about grandpa purchasing your donations.

  13. Wish I lived closer -- I have a sweet tooth and would have been a good customer :-)

    Happy "back to school" time!

    We are still away but with grandson this weekend -- so blissful!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson