Wednesday, September 9, 2009

chop, chop...

After a trip to my favorite produce market...
...I came home with my bin of tomatoes...a generous supply of jalapenos...the necessary cilantro...and all the other odds and ends required in the annual salsa marathon. It seems every year the recipe gets a little larger...and the supply dwindles quicker! But I had some good help yesterday...and the salsa shelves for 2009 are now stocked.

While Heidi and I cried over onions and chopped tomatoes...Maelyn had some cousin time with Emme and Spencer. They are great entertainers...

...and thought if bicycles are built for two...why not swings for three? Maelyn is coming back for an extended visit to Grammy's place...arriving on Sunday. We'll be OK...the two of us...

...but we are quite open to after school visits from the cousins next door. What fun we will have!

While I chopped tomatoes...the guys chopped corn. Fall has definitely arrived on the farm.

ETA...You were wondering about the salsa recipe? I posted it right here last year.

Have a great day...


  1. What a cutie!! Liked the three on a swing. Great idea!!

  2. oh, I love the girl "spider" on the swings! Spiders are the best part of being a kid. I've tried that as an adult, and you wouldn't believe how sore your hips get! Mae is so adorable! I can't believe how much she has grown up already (and I've never met her!). Salsa sounds like something I should do - we go through it like water, and they only have the tiny jars available here (not NEAR the costco size. I've been wanting to do some canning, but we have no where to put anything...better move.

  3. Now if only I could figure a way to get some of your salsa to my table:)
    I love those 3 on the swing..such pretty girls!

  4. What cuties! Now someone should come up with an invention that can keep the eyes dry while cutting lots of onions!! Enjoy the salsa!

  5. Sweet and tangy - today's post from you. Those girls are so sweet, and I'm imagining the tang of your salsa must be yummy. I loved the swing photo - wouldn't it be lovely if every little girl could have two big-girl cousins to keep her amused?

  6. We all love your Salsa Judy. Why don't you put a link to your Salsa recipe at the MGCC blog. I chopped by myself and have my 20 quarts. I'm sure they will be gone in no time.
    Those little girls are so sweet. I might need to visit them next week.

  7. Life on the farm certainly has a different aspect to it. Freezing, canning, grandma next door, the guys chopping corn in the field. I like it all. It does remind me of my fun growing up years.

    The cutest little grandchildren that you are surrounded with.

  8. The kiddos are precious. I love the description of making the salsa. We used to do it when our kiddos were young, now they are the ones doing it. Especially the son I featured on Monday's blog. Salsa is a staple always everywhere these days. Great way to get the veggies too. You are sure a peppy Granma.

  9. Sweet, sweet baby! How fun for you to have some special time coming up with Maelyn. And hopefully some extra help in the afternoons.

    I have to go check out your recipe.

    I didn't realize you lived so close to the border and made your way down I-5 to Washington. Someday maybe we will be able to hook up :)

  10. What a cute little Maelyn. . .(love that name). .and the big girls so helpful and I'm sure looking forward to helping you as much as they have time for. . .so fun.
    I love salsa season.

  11. Maelyn is so adorable Judy! She is getting so big and is lucky to have so mnay cousins to play with.

    I have had to catch up a lot at home since coming back from vacation. I also have to upgrade my computer because I don't have enough space on my "C" drive to hold all my vacation photos....who knew computers could be so fussy? LOL


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson