Monday, September 21, 2009

last day of summer...

It seems the weatherman and the calendar are not quite in agreement on this...but today is officially the last day of summer.  It's been quite a summer here this year...with blue skies and sunshine galore!   

The views of the mountains have been incredible this past week...but we know the rainy season is just around the corner...and so we are enjoying these end-of-summer bonus days.

Our favorite summer breakfast is still on the menu...but its days are numbered.  Fresh fruit with a little yogurt and topped with granola is the perfect way to start a day...and coffee, of course!  Peaches and raspberries are a summer staple...but they will soon be scarce. Then we will be back to our cooked oatmeal porridge...the winter breakfast.
The annuals are giving their last hurrah...and are about to be replaced by something more appropriate for the season.

It's welcome mat has been obscured by the invading coleus!  It's actually getting a little difficult to use the front door. 

All good things must come to an end...and so too...summer!  I'll be back tomorrow to take you along on an end-of-summer car and by train.

Enjoy the last day of summer...


  1. What did you feed that coleus? It looks as though it could grow legs and walk into the house!
    Hasn't it been a remarkable summer? I'm sure the children will use this as a measure of all the summers of childhood.

  2. Hi! This is Mary from Philippines. Just dropping by to say you have a nice page. Keep it up! Please visit this site and follow me. Thank You!

  3. I'm so jealous! We had dreams long ago, before a broken ankle and the complications which followed, to come out for the summer...and now with (hopefully) more realistic plans to come for next summer, I am doubtful BC will get two summers like that in a row!

    I also have some coleus growing its way to domination! I think after only a month or so of it being potted, I need to cut it WAY back. And our warm weather is only just beginning. I'm finding it difficult to gauge how big the flowers and plants get here, and I don't know what to do! I picked only familiar ones this time, but they are ALL getting out of hand! I should have known. Geraniums become trees out here - no joke. Some are enormous. Every week when I walk to the hospital, past ancient houses with old-growth gardens, I revert to my greenhouse-working brain, and imagine all the cuttings I could get from just one plant! I am tempted to bring some scissors along...

  4. Breakfast looks yummy. I am not ready for the end of summer. It has come much to quickly.

  5. Oh Judy the front door pot looks so beautiful. I love coleus and the green vine.
    This has been am amazing summer .. .we were just saying that this morning.
    Happy Last day of Summer.

  6. That breakfast is also shared by your neighbors next door, only we use nectarines....
    Let's let summer last in our hearts for ever....

  7. Popular breakfast..often on our menu. Our summer according to some wasn't that great, I loved the 'coolish' weather. We did have more rain than usual though. Past few weeks have been gorgeous!

  8. My goodness, what has gotten into that plant! It's going crazy! LOL!
    Last day of summer is great news for those of us in Arizona! Happy days!
    Enjoy those last few days of sunny and warm!

  9. what in the world did you do to that plant!......
    aaah the last days of summer, enjoy!

  10. Oh good...I'm always up for an adventure that includes a train ride.

    Isn't that actually a sweet potato vine that is overflowing your welcome mat? I've recently read that I should be snipping bits from my coleus, fuchsia, geraniums etc and rooting them inside in order to replant them next spring. Question is: where to put them all?

  11. That is such a "green" welcome mat!

    Our summer was one of the coolest on record, but the high humidity made up for that in August, as it made it uncomfortable. Living at sea level has its disadvantages in that respect.

    I am actually looking forward to the cooler crisper temperatures of autumn.

    Looking forward to reading about your adventure!

  12. Your planter is ridiculous!!!

    I don't know if I could stand to replace it. It is so healthy.

    My pots on the other hand are very bedraggled. I so need to re-pot mine.

    Saying goodbye to summer...not quite yet...I don't wanna =)

  13. Was wondering If I could add your link to my blog! Stop on by I would love for you to sit on my front porch too!! LOL!!

    Many Blessings.........

  14. Oh my look at that healthy coleus! Yikes. That breakfast looks really good too! I'm so excited to be headed to the Northwest this Friday...yippee!

  15. Now I do know that you do have a green thumb. If I had a plant that looked like that at my front door I would keep it there for as long as it lived. Actually, I would probably put a sign in my front yard to call special attention to the passers-by, of my gorgeous healthy plant. Seriously, it is beautiful!


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