Wednesday, September 2, 2009

pickles and peaches...

It's been lovely outdoors this summer...and I've been spending a lot of time on the patio. Although the chaise lounge and a good book look most's the canning station where I have been spending some time. I was once big on canning...dozens of jars of beans, tomatoes, cherries, peaches, pears, pickles, beets...and anything else that caught my fancy. It was easy...back in the day...since my MIL always came to help can. Our farmhouse had a 'summer kitchen' downstairs...which was perfect for keeping the mess out of sight.

When we built a new home...five years ago...I knew I wouldn't be doing a whole lot of canning anymore. We put in a stove with a ceramic stovetop...not recommended for canning. But there are a few home canned items we can't live without...

...and so I use my outdoor canning station. It works just fine! My large canner fits nicely on the burner...the steam stays out-of-doors...and when the jars are processed...they are moved to the BBQ grill to cool. With the lid one is the wiser...and there the jars stay until I get around to putting them away...or we need the grill.

Yesterday I did dill pickles...a recipe I got from my mom...and we have never found any store bought pickles that quite compare.

What sets them apart? It's those little dried red chili peppers...with which I am quite generous...that add a little vim and vigour. If you eat a may just warm you up!

The peaches are absolutely fantastic this year...since they have had all the sunshine need.

I've done up my box...and one of these days I will be going back to the summer kitchen of the old farmhouse to help Broni can peaches. That's what MIL's do.

The canning will not be complete until the salsa has been made...but I'll leave that for another day. I'm counting on more patio weather next week!


  1. Sure did bring back memories when I saw your canning jars sitting there. I spent hours each summer helping my grandma and my mother do canning. I never did it on my own, so I do miss those beautifully colored jars. My grandma had a summer kitchen also and that is where we worked and then carried all the jars into her cold cellar. I have not thought about all of this for a long time. Thank you for reminding me of the special memories. Your jars look so nice sitting there. I bet you have a delicious salsa recipe that you can.

  2. I can a little of this and a little of that, but our propane stove takes so long to get the canner to a boil!
    I remember my mother canning everything in sight too. When I think back, we really were very lucky to be able to go down to the basement and pick out whatever we wanted, when Mum sent us down for something to go with dinner - pickles, mustard pickles, chow-chow, chili sauce.........

  3. Yes, peaches and dill pickles are a must at our house too. I did the last of my canning yesterday by making salsa and totally messing up my kitchen, but I love going into the pantry and seeing shelves full of preserves. Never thought of doing it on the barbecue - great idea!

  4. I decided years ago that there would never be any canning in the cards for me. Watching and smelling the canning process was enough to keep me cured. Suddenly, I find myself wondering who will make the Lady Ashburnhams this year. Oh no! Could I have successfully avoided this all my adult life until now? I feel a bit like the farm animals who wouldn't help Little Red Hen and therefore has no right to pickles in the first place. (Your "no vee" comment made me laugh!)

  5. What a perfect way for you to enjoy that wonderful scent of fresh air. I hope no one is spreading manure while you are out there.
    I've been thinking of doing some canning, I might get to some Salsa.
    That was a real hit last year.

    Keep your station out there for awhile only till it rains.

  6. I hope no one snoops around your BBQ like someone did to us recently. They took our tank, but maybe they will check under the hood at your house and find some real treats!

  7. I love the reminders of the risks - thefts and spreading manure! Aren't you glad you can can for pleasure rather than because it's the only way to keep a large family healthy through a long winter without fresh fruit and vegies? There is nothing to compare with Mom's dill pickles! Bring out the fresh buns and some cheese!

  8. My daughter is canning today with a friend. It's good to see these young ladies tackling this job. I usually can one or two things each summer. You and my daughter have inspired me to fill afew jars. We'll see! Clever idea to do it on the BBQ burner, and cool them on the grill. Kathy

  9. i also have a ceramic top stove and i didn't know you couldn't can on it, thanks for letting me know. i will use my outdoor burner for it from now on! you jars look great!

  10. Mil's really do do that don't they? I am so blessed to still have my mil that is more than willing to jump up to the plate when i need her expertise and company for canning.
    Your idea of the outdoor grill plate is great. .I also have ceramic and usually feel I have to pull out the campstove.

  11. I sure love a good pickle, and yours look delish. You've been a busy bee with all your canning!

    Thanks for your visit Judy and your sweet comment.

  12. Fire pickles! Or are they Sweet Fire Pickles?

    I learned something...I had no idea that canning on ceramic range tops was discouraged. Oh well, I guess I can always fire up a Coleman stove if I get the urge.
    YOu are so smart to do this task outside.

  13. This is a brilliant idea, Judy, to use the outdoor barbecue grill to can! I will try this next summer when produce is plentiful. I like pickles, and I'm sure spicy hot ones must taste so good. Is your recipe in the MGCC blog?

  14. Hard to break old habits isn't it. Hard to get stocking up for the winter out of your blood. I love the idea you had to do on the patio. They look fabulous.

  15. You are such a smart woman. Canning on the out door grill! That is so great!

    Those pickles sound extremely interesting...could even give me the unction to can...hmmm


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