Tuesday, September 8, 2009

season finale...

Labour Day marks the end of summer in my books...and I'm always a little sad to see it go. But we did find a few things to cheer about this long weekend. There was a favorite ball team of ours playing in a tournament...and they needed our support...and so we warmed the bleachers...and made a little noise. They put on a great show...though they never quite made it to the winner's circle. With ball season definitely done for the year...we changed venues...

...and went to cheer on our local favorites!

Meet Krazy Koffee...

...and Hungry for Life...

...who hail from our neighbourhood...and were racing in the big city yesterday afternoon.
They put on a fine show...and we had us a good time...even though they never quite made it to the winner's circle this time! We were in good company...and since the Hastings Park Racetrack is at the Pacific National Exhibition...we went to the fair while we were there.

I can't remember the last time we visited the PNE...

...and I was quite content to be a spectator...where once I would have been a participant!

Though I know I will never win a house...or win a car (one needs to but tickets to win)...I love to tour the PNE prize home. What a disappointment to see people lined up around the block just to take a peek! With the races about to begin...I reluctantly forfeited my chance to see Britco's latest offering.

I got my little prize, however...a whole bag of them. Oh...and they were worth cheering about as well!

And so ends the chapter called summer...and today we will turn the page. Some are going back to school today...I am making salsa.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. What a great way to end the summer! Enjoy chopping tomatoes today!

  2. First of all, I think your new header picture is just beautiful!! How appropriate for you. The photography of the corn is outstanding!

    Me...I would have voted for Krazy Koffee to win, only because anything with coffee in the name, has to be a winner.

    I would have been disappointed too, about not getting to tour that lovely looking home, but I cans see that a few of those scrumptious looking freshly made donuts could have eased your disappointment.

    Wish I lived next door to someone who was making homemade salsa today. One of our friends gave us a jar of homemade salsa and my husband almost licked the jar clean, it was so good!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day and a great way to mark the end of summer.

  4. A great day, it looks like. I am like you in the ride section, and the donuts. There is just something about horse that is inspiring, especially when they run, not to mention the excitement of getting to bet. I should have included horse racing in my fall picture slide.

  5. It looks and sounds like a fun time. I love horse racing. I spent most of my life in south Florida, and there is quite a bit of horse racing there.

  6. What a great way to end summer. Spending time with friends . ..visiting the fair. . and offering support to the donut stand . .its all good.

    Your header picture is just perfect .. .

  7. I'm not sure when was my last time at the fair....Maybe I should check out the Agassiz. If I had gone with you, you would of had not choice about the rollercoaster..
    Too bad about the horse race...
    Have fun making salsa.

  8. How can one go to the PNE and not go on the roller coaster? I didn't know that was possible! The horse photos look great - glad you had some sun to enjoy the race in.

  9. We went to the PNE this pst weekend and it is a special memory with our grands! They loved the rides! We saw a pig race and then the dog show and races! Quite funny! The line-up for the house was not bad on Saturday and we enjoyed the tour.

  10. What lovely photo's and as Ellen says a great way to end summer, weather in the UK has been like Autumn until today and where we are is really hot and sunny - so maybe Summer isn't finished yet!Yes I'm with Judy on the coffee vote too, I don't like it strong but I do like it especially with donuts!

  11. What fun to have 'famous' horses living next door!!
    PNE? I can't remember when I was there last...and I'm afraid the rollercoaster never had to power to entice me! smile..
    A couple of years ago my girlfriend won the PNE house.. She took the money.. 1.5 million! So it is POSSIBLE to win it !! smile...

    I agree with the others... love your header!

  12. That was a fun day you had. Mmmm, aren't those mini donuts the best! There's a place here in apple country where we can buy those.

    I was interested to see that we both (Canada and USA) celebrate Labor Day! On the same day too.

  13. I think that just looking at those mini-donuts undid the good of the carrot sticks I had at lunch!!
    I always think of Labour Day as the real New Years Eve and the first day of school as the first day of the year - after all, for so many of our formative years 'back to school' and the beginning of a new grade really was the New Year!

  14. Ooh, sounds like a nice weekend, even though bitter-sweet. I always hated saying goodbye to summer too (now I love it, heehee)

  15. I must say, Judy, you guys have the most fun and go on so many wonderful adventures. That house was gorgeous. Summer is going bye bye.

  16. You have a lot of fun hobbies!

    It seems like your family has learned some good rules of living. Work hard and play hard. So glad you had a great weekend to get your mind off your sad camera loss.

  17. Looks like you had a wonderful Labor Day! Hope we still ahve soem nice weather before the cold and snow arrives.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson