Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chilliwack corn...

Chilliwack...the great outside...famous for sweet smelling country air and Chilliwack corn! From early July until sometime in fall we enjoy the best sweet corn around.

In the PNE...there was Chilliwack corn on the menu.  And we heard from reputable sources that even in Alberta...where they claim to grow great corn in the Tabor was Chilliwack corn that was stealing the show. 
It seems we have corn shacks at every intersection...we never have to go far in search of corn.

I'm quite happy to pay for my corn these we once grew corn for the fresh market.  It involved a lot of corn picking at the crack of dawn...from early August until Thanksgiving.  We sold corn for one dollar per dozen back in the we pay seven dollars a dozen.  Things have changed in the last two decades!
As for the corn itself...Chilliwack corn is still the best!  So good in fact...that one can eat it with or without teeth. 

We had a picnic dinner out on the patio at the home of friends last night...and enjoyed rotisserie beef and fresh Chilliwack corn grown on their farm.

We watched the sun set over the corn field at the end of another beautiful sunny day in the valley.  It was all good.

If you need an excuse to visit Chilliwack...come for the corn!


  1. I love the shot of your little Miss...Is she ever cute and you could not do a better advertisement for Chilliwack Corn.
    Hot Food! Hot Guests! Hot Sunset!

  2. Looks like you guys are enjoying wonderful September weather too! We are enjoying the mild sunny weather here in MT.

    Love that sweet corn, great photos.

  3. Yes, what a great end of summer we have been having! Dairymary

  4. Little miss corn eater could be on the billboards for Chilliwack corn. . .she's a cutie.

  5. With or without cute is that! "Chilliwack corn" is a new one for me, as it the little corn shacks that you pictured. But, delicious sweet corn is so plentiful around her, and you are right, the taste just can't be beat. That sunset sure did make for a gorgeous picture.

  6. Oh yes! I'd love to come for the is one of my favorite vegetables. When it is sweet, it as good as a piece of cake.

    I do wish the prices would come down a little. I remember the "ten ears for a dollar" days and now paying a dollar an ear seems indulgent.

  7. Ah love corn. Only thing bad is it gets stuck in your teeth. :-)

  8. Corn shacks! Kids eating corn without teeth! Saying "Chilliwack Corn" out loud!

    (And mentally singing: Chilliwack corn, and have no cares, chilliwack corn, and have no cares, chilliwack corn and have no cares..the corn is loved always...

    Sung to the tune of Jimmie Crack Corn (and I don't care)

  9. Yum! We enjoyed corn on the cob last night and sorry to say it wasn't Chilliwack...
    Love the shot of the cutie eating her corn with some front teeth missing!

  10. Corn drive through - that's a change from MacDonalds.

    It looks so succulent too.


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