Thursday, September 3, 2009

end of summer delights...

We know it can't last forever...and so as summer wanes...I enjoy the treats of this season all the more.

How nice to have lunch on the patio most every day...

...and enjoy tomatoes fresh from the garden...every which way.

And the dahlias on the table have been such a treat...

...since they are new to my garden this year. My sister shared some tubers with me in spring...and had no idea what colour they were...but now we know.

And on the rail Mother's Day gift just goes on giving. It's a passion flower vine...with most exotic looking blooms.

The limelight hydrangeas are beginning to blush...and we know fall is waiting in the wings.

I have one plant of thornless blackberries in the garden...Marionberry is the variety...and have picked many buckets of berries from this healthy specimen. They are huge...juicy...and even good for us!

It may be September, but the everbearing raspberries are going strong! Every morning before breakfast...while I'm making the coffee...he's picking a bowl of raspberries to serve with the peaches and yogurt. We throw on a little granola...and one couldn't wish for a tastier breakfast.

And if it's dinner time...and there's company coming...put the fruit on a sheet cake and top with glaze and a few dollops of whipped cream. That is the taste of summer!

Over the past week or so...I've noticed many flocks of geese flying in formation. I'm not sure if they are heading in any particular direction just yet...or if they are simply organizing for the trip south...but it looks like they are on the move. A few days ago...I heard singing out above my front porch...

...and went out to take a look. A congregation of barn swallows had chosen my roof as their meeting place... seems they too are gathering the troupes for the journey south. I'm always a little sad to see summer leave...but I know each season comes with it's own pleasures. And so I look forward to tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow...I will be back to tell you about a successful little shop in my neighbourhood which will soon be closing it's doors.

Have a great day...


  1. Your pizza and dessert look so delicious!

    I noticed a huge flock of birds congregating around our house the other morning - starlings I think.

    Our weather has been gorgeous but there's a touch of chill in the air. I'm joining you - squeezing every last drop of summer.

  2. Nice photos! Where I live the passage of seasons is much more subtle - almost non-existent. I hung the hummingbird feeders on Sunday and within a few hours the little guys were there testing the nectar. Within two days there were a dozen at a time playing or fighting over the ports just a few feet from my kitchen table. Looks like you're enjoying the "back to school" season!

  3. Judy .. I'm amazed you don't have us all stopping in. . .around lunch time. . or dessert time. . I don't blame those swallows one bit.

    It is a bit sad to see the last of summer go .. .but maybe we'll have one more spurt. .we often have such lovely falls. . .my favorite time of year.

  4. That cake........cruel to post a photo like that for me to see in the morning. The image will be with me all day!
    I've just been out to water the containers at 0730 and it is positively chilly outside!

  5. Oh girl I want to be one of those little birds for an hour or two. Your food is making me smack my lips. Enjoy!!

  6. What a lovely post!!
    I've notice the geese around the lake where I walk all taking off for different places too.

  7. that pizza looks incredible!!! what is your crust?

    i love passion flower - they're so beautiful!

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful post. It is sad to see summer come to an end, but I will say you sure do know how to usher it out in style.

  9. Beautiful post!
    That pizza does look great ... I dind't read you saying that you're posting it any time soon?

  10. I love those end of summer delights..I treasure these moments! I saw a flock or rather gaggle of geese heading south this morning..I too think they are still just congregating..maybe practising their flight patterns:)
    Great post Judy and I did drool a bit over the pizza and cake. We're having pizza daughter ia making supper. It will be a treat!

  11. I can almost feel Autumn's arrival as I read your post today. But, even though it is the ending of summer, your flowers continue to impress me, especially the Passion Flower.

    I have not seen barn sparrows for a long time. Not since I spent time on my uncle's farm. I think I know why they congregated on your roof top. It is a wonder it isn't covered with birds with a dessert like you have pictured. It is near lunch time and I must admit, that is a delicious looking dessert.

  12. Tomatoes! We are trying to find different ways of using them up! My freezer is just about full. Your pizza looks delicious!

  13. Your photos are stunning!!

    Fall already? I guess we can't avoid it... but you are right, there are beautiful sides to every season -- You said it soo well!

  14. Your pictures are stunning Judy!!
    Love passion vines... and love your raspberry pic!
    Gotta get caught up with more of your posts!

  15. Autumn is on its way! I actually saw trees turning fall colors in Wyomimg.

    Your berries look so good! I wonder if our fig tree will have any figs left when wepriusn go back home?


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