Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ladybug birthday...

Guess who is one today?

How time flies...it seems just a blink ago that she arrived...and already a year has gone by.

We celebrated the occasion with a big bash...a ladybug themed party at our place on Sunday night.

Maelyn happens to like all things ladybug...and so it was a 'ladybug picnic'.

She arrived in a ladybug tutu.  It was cousin Ranen's dress originally...but we added some red toulle and new ribbons...and a #1 monogram...and made it Maelyn's. 

Her mommy came early...and put out a big spread.

Are you seeing red yet?

Cousins, aunties and uncles and friends all came to join in the celebrations.

We decided a kids table might be a good idea...and they thought it was!


It was such a beautiful evening...we landed up moving the party outside...where we stayed until the lights went out...and it began to cool off.

Maelyn is thinking it would be nice to be upright...which works well with a hand from mommy and daddy.

But skootching seems to do the trick...birthday dress and all!

She was more than thrilled with her little ladybug ride-on toy...but thinks rocks make the best toys ever!

As the sun was setting...we brought out the birthday cake and sang 'Happy Birthday to You'...

...and she sang right along.  It's one of her favorite songs.

She wasn't too sure about eating a ladybug cupcake...or what to do with it once it was in her mouth...but we can say 'she had her cake and ate it too'.

And gift opening was such fun...with the help of friends and cousins.

She tried her new wagon on for size...and found she could take a whole bunch of friends along for a ride.

  With a GVW of 245 pounds...she could probably invite another friend or two.

And so ended the first birthday celebration for our sweet little ladybug!

But it seems she's not the only one celebrating her first birthday...
her little friend turned one just a few weeks ago.

They threw a little luau.
It seems the birthday girl wasn't all that thrilled (in the purple muu muu)...
and the rest wondered what all the fuss was about.

Ladybug parties and luaus...
first birthdays are a big deal these days.

Happy first birthday to my sweet little ladybug...
and many blessings in the year ahead.



  1. What a sweet heart! Happy Birthday little one. May God bless you, and your mommy & daddy!

  2. You know you have your audience in suspense when they don't even have their eyes open properly and the stumble to the computer before putting the pot of coffee on.
    I love the lady bug cake and loli pops. This cake will be the standard for every lady bug cake from here on. . .Well done.

    Oh. .and the party goers are darling as usual .. I love Maelyn, she's a doll.

  3. What a little sweetheart! What fun to be able to host this fun event. Love all the ladybug baked goodies!!

  4. This is truly ADORABLE! The cutest little ladybug that I have ever seen!! The creativity and the thought processes that went into making this evening a special, memorable one, are too many to mention. Let's just say, I loved every picture, and the words that went with it. My grandma's heart was right with you the entire post. Thank you for sharing your nice looking family with us.

  5. Oh that was such a cute party! I loved the cupcakes when I clicked on the picture. Maelyn really seemed to enjoy her day. It appears momma worked real hard, no detail was over looked. This little girl is very much loved. You are all so blessed!

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet little g'daughter. I love how her eyes open wide to take it all in:)

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  8. One busy Grammy tying together all the details to make a perfect party.
    I'm sure Maelyn enjoyed all the attention from her cousins and aunts and uncles.
    Happy Birthday Maelyn.

  9. What a wonderful celebration! I love the cake, and lollie pop cookies. The birthday girls is such a sweet little bug. You have a creative daughter...wonder where she gets that from? Kathy

  10. What? It's been one year!!! I can hardly believe. But, there is the cutest little ladybug herself to prove it's true.

    She is too adorable, and her little dress is so sweet.

    I love first birthday parties. They are so sweet. And, those little luau attendees are so cute.

  11. My little ladybug is 12 now and I can hardly believe it. That is a most precious baby and a good looking bunch of folks. I loved the looks of that cake. My ladybug is into halloween themes now, since her birthday is in Oct and she is old enough to plan her own party. Or maybe it will be hairspray or Miley Cyrus. Oh the pains, (on Grammys)of their growing up.

  12. Happy first birthday Maelyn! How fast time flies!

    She was the cutest little sweet ladybug that I've ever seen! :-) All her ladybug decorations are so darling...and her special cake is wonderful! Did Grammy make that for her?

    I will be hosting my grandson's first birthday in my home in December! I must hurry and think of a theme!

  13. wow - what a party! such a cute theme, fabulous decorations :)
    so hard to believe it's been a year already!

  14. Maelyn already one...did I blink?
    Seems she was just a little bundle of joy in a blanket a bit ago.

    I'm inspired to make a ladybug hat now. Just in case I ever get invited to a ladybug party you know. Or maybe I'll just have to give a ladybug party myself and "borrow" all the great ideas from Maelyn's party.

  15. Happy b-day!! What a cutie pie. Looks everyone had fun!

  16. Soo very cute! Beautiful pictures with the cousins! Love the cake . . .the theme! How did you get black icing?

  17. She is beautiful!
    Heidi - wow, how time flies, hey?! Congratulations, Maelyn is beautiful! And LOVE your party theme/ideas/decor/treats!!! Way to go!

    Carol - Joey's Hawaiian birthday theme is way too fun too!

  18. What a sweet birthday theme! Mae looks so cute in her birthday tutu! Lovely cakes and cookies too! Yum. Looks like everyone had a nice time :)


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson