Friday, September 11, 2009

The Big Six-OH!

September 11th...a meaningful date to most everyone.

But September 11, 2009 is especially significant to someone near and dear to me...since he happens to be celebrating the Big Six-Oh today!

Let me introduce you...

The Boy

The Man

The Man and His Wife

The Father

The Family

The Family ~ much later

The Old Man
That's right...he is sixty years old today...and we are set to celebrate the occasion. Our kids are joining us tonight for a birthday dinner...on a mountaintop.

Sixty years is a lot of living...that's a lot of days. Not every day has been good...but there has been something good about every single day...and God has been faithful!

To a wonderful husband, father and grandfather...
wishing you many blessings on your birthday and in all the days to come!

Lots of love...


  1. Judy. . .I was eager to open up your blog this morning knowing it was a special day for you over there.
    Loved seeing all the pictures .. and we (we read it together) and smiled to see where Ryder gets his curls from.

    Happy Birthday Elmer. . it has been our pleasure getting to know you on your .. I mean Judy's blog. Have a wonderful time tonight.

  2. Oh what fun seeing y'all through the years. I really like his old sepia shot...very cool! A very happy birthday to your man. Have fun on the mountain top celebrating!

  3. What a beautiful tribute!
    Happy Birthday, Elmer. On a special day like today is wonderful to look back to see what God and love have created!

  4. Happy Birthday Elmer. God has truly blessed you and your family.

  5. Happy #60 to that very special man in your life. He seems to wear it well.

    My very special guy had the magic #60 in May. I think he wears it well, too.

    Have a joy filled day of celebration.

  6. Happy birthday, Elmer! Trust you'll both enjoy today!

  7. Happy Birthday Elmer!!!
    Judy this is a great post highlighting his life/your lives together.
    May you have a wonderful mountain top experience.....

  8. Here is hoping that you have a wonderful day celebrating your husband's 60th.

  9. I enjoyed seeing the changes from boy to "old man"! I'm thinking of what my 92 year old mil said just the other day, "Wo sind die Tage - wo sind die Jahre?" (where did the days go, where did the years go?"
    I like what you said about there being something good in every day!
    Happy Birthday to your man!

  10. Yes, 60 is worth celebrating. How nice that you can all be together for dinner. Now we know where all the curls on Ryder came from. Enjoyed your photo gallery too. Kathy

  11. Happy birthday to your special man. Sixty seems young to us, but everything is relative. There are some folks older than us. Enjoy your day and celebration.

  12. Hi, I come here from Pondside's blog. Just wanted to say that is a lovely tribute to your husband, I hope he had a wonderful birthday.

  13. What a legacy and heritage you are building for your family. Wonderful pictures. Happy Birthday Celebration to a life lived well!

  14. well tell him happy birthday! love the photos. have a wonderful night tonight!

  15. Happy birthday Elmer! I hope you all ahd a very enjoyable celebration. 1949 was a good year as my husband also turned 60 in June :-)

    I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful family photos, Judy. You and Elmer have been blessed.

  16. Oh Judy what a wonderful tribute to your best friend, your lover, your husband!! A huge "Happy 60th Birthday" to Him!!!!

    Your photos are fabulous....thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    I hope dinner on the mountain top was the best ever!!!!!

  17. Hope you had a nice day together Aunt Judy!

  18. Hi Judy, happy birthday to your handsome husband. I hope it was a wonderful day. I loved the photos.

    Mermaid Debbie

  19. This is truly one of the most beautifully done birthday tributes I have ever seen or read!! Sixty years old...and what a legacy. I love ALL of the pictures and all that you shared. I smiled as I scrolled down through, remembering and identifying with each of them, in my own unique way. We were going through the many stages of this journey of life, at the same time. My husband has not reach age 60 yet, but he is not far behind. Thank you for sharing this important and memorable day with us. I especially like the last picture. Without a doubt that is how my husband would love to have his 60th birthday picture, shared. Great post!! I can't wait to show this to him.

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful mountaintop dinner together.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson