Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sweet autumn

Sweet autumn...a fall blooming clematis with a heavenly putting on a show. 

The show is rather incomplete this last winter's deep freeze stole one half of the arbour cover.

It will be back in full force next year...guaranteed.

Few clematis bloom in fall...and most have no fragrance
...but this one has it all.

And in the corner of the garden...the grape arbour beckons these days.

I'm thinking I may need a little help with cleaning up the grapes this year.

And the apple-tree-of-many-stripes is about ready for it's first big harvest.

It is my fun tree...with five varieties on one trunk.

The yellow transparent branch produced only one apple this year...
and now we will try the Cortland, Macintosh, Liberty and Jonagold...soon.

The herb garden is not yet in fall mode...and grows faster than I can snip.

The grasses are in their glory...
and will look like this through the winter months.
It's Hamlin fountain case you were wondering. 

As for these...they have me wondering as well!
Maybe the lawn is missing some nutrient or other...
and is sending up these specimens as a signal.
I'm mowing over them regularly...
but they keep coming back.

As you all know...
I mow over all kinds of things!

Some never come back.

I'm still sad about my missing camera...
but my old one is not too bad.

I'm almost getting used to it...duct tape and all!


  1. I love that crazy apple tree! We stripped ours yesterday - perhaps a few days early, but we didn't want to leave them on the tree for another three weeks. I'm glad your duct-taped camera is holding up and taking the same great photos we've come to expect.

  2. Would you mind if I sat in a chair under your arbor and just took in that awesome mountain view and the fragrance of that gorgeous clematis? I'll bring a pot of coffee :-)
    Seriously, you do live in a gorgeous corner of our world and I am so happy to be able to see a glimpse of it now and then.

  3. Hi Judy, I enjoyed this little walk around some of your garden. That little apple tree is amazing...I love it. And the arbors; I've always longed for an arbor. I must do something about that. You have many gifts and blessings all around you there!

  4. Ah I love your grape arbor! My grandmother had one and I enjoyed helping her pick the grape bunches when I was a child. Do you make wine? My father-n-law did that when he was alive.

    I never knew there was a clematis with fragrance! It looks beautiful even in its imperfection.

    That is a delightful apple tree! My herbs are all doing well except for my basil which is past prime. I have been collecting the seeds for next year.

    Mushrooms! You have good luck fairy visitors! ;-) The ground must be damp there.

    The old camera is doing a good job...all wonderful photos!
    Have a beautiful day Judy!

  5. I am pleased to see your old camera still takes marvelous shots. I love your grape pictures and your lopsided gorgeous arbour.
    Your yard looks perfect for fall.

  6. You grapes look about as good as the vineyard Bev went to see in Europe. Our grapes are finished.
    They don't look as perfect, but they do taste good.

  7. Funny thing...your pictures are so good that I forgot about your camera episode. I am sure you miss your camera. I feel lost even if I just forget it when we go away.

    Your green thumb does continue to impress me, even in the end of September. Everything is still green and producing. I especially like the clematis.

  8. Those grapes are amazing. Such nice full bunches!!

  9. I want an apple tree like that...and BIG grapes like yours...and maybe even the mushrooms too. Wonder if they are good eating?

    word verification: grapir

  10. Okay your grape arbor looks extremely tame. Mine always looks like a wild hairy arm pit this time of the year. So any clues on how to prune an arbor?

    I am obviously not doing it right. I was even thinking about taking mine off the arbor and putting them more on a vineyard set up so I could prune them properly and keep them under control.

    I have a book on pruning I will have to go figure this out... lol

    The clematis is stunning too!

  11. I have the same Clematis, Judy. I planted it a couple of years ago and had forgotten what it was and when it bloomed. Just when I despaired of seeing flowers on it this year, it burst into bloom. It is gorgeous.

  12. Oops - I didn't realize that my comment would show up under my kids' names. We're babysitting today and I'm using their computer. Bev


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