Monday, September 14, 2009

reasons to celebrate...

There will be fireworks a-plenty out in Brookdale, Manitoba today... my youngest sister celebrates a milestone birthday. Brother-in-law Jim doesn't need much of an excuse to put on a big fireworks display...and a 50th birthday is as good a reason as any!

Since we knew we would miss out on the Manitoba festivities...and since Kathy was in BC in July...we began the celebrations a tad early with a backyard surprise party. We know that she will be well prepared for any outings today...she has the pre-requisite red hat and a purple scarf to ward off that nippy prairie chill. case Jim forgets to bring flowers...I'm quite sure that those lovely red roses will still be OK! Have a wonderful birthday...and be sure to milk this one for all it is worth. Fifty years is something worth celebrating!

On the day that Kathy was dad was having a birthday party of his own. He turned thirty-seven way back then...and is celebrating his eighty-seventh birthday today. We had a bit of a party for him on the weekend...and he was at his story-telling best!

Dad...we wish you a wonderful year...filled with love, laughter and good health...and many friends with whom to share your stories.

To all of you who were born on September fourteen...

...and have a truffle!


  1. Oh very sweet! Happy Birthday to your sister! I'm going to have to check my birthday book to see what years my little sister and younger SIL's are turning 50 and start thinking up a plan...
    Your dad is one year older then mine...I love hearing their stories. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you, Judy - you've been a big help and didn't know it! Today is my oldest niece's birthday and I'd completely forgotten! to make a phone call to Ontario!

  3. Oh Happy Birhtday to your sister Kathy. I always think it is so amazing how many children are born on their parents birthday. My niece was born on my mom's birthday .. that is about as close as we come to that.

  4. Happy Birthday to you sister. Yes 50 is pretty special. That is 1/2 a hundred. That is a real jewel in anyone's crown. Blessings

  5. What fun to have two special birthdays on the same day! Happy Birthday to your sister and your dad. I bet your dad was thrilled to have a little girl born on his 37th birthday. We are so blessed to have families to share in birthday celebrations, aren't we? The truffles were the perfect picture to use in closing out this post. You are a creative lady!

  6. Looks like many celebrations in your home this weekend with family.
    Being 60, 50, 0r 87 are all milestones we have health and can celebrate together.

  7. Happy Birthday to both of your special people. This truly is a reason for celebration.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson