Thursday, September 17, 2009

fall kick-off carnival...

Fall kick-off...with a carnival for kids of all ages...came and went last Sunday at Central Community Church. The carnival marks the beginning of the new fall programming...and reaches out to the community to introduce them to who we are...and invite them to be a part of what's happening at Central.

With sunshine...amusement venues galore...and free food...what's not to like? From trains... climbing dunk tanks there was something for everyone. It seems the 'dunk a pastor' challenge received good response...with participants being encouraged to donate monies to the local burn exchange for a chance to dunk your favorite pastor.

Did I mention balloon animals? Ryder and Ranen had such a fun time...running from one station to another...balloon pets in tow!

And for those who were more interested in viewing...than participating...there was a 'show & shine' featuring grandpa's car. It seemed there were always lots of guys hanging around that corner!

We took our old black Monarch to join the line-up...and parked it next to a turquoise 1954 Monarch.

Here's an interesting story. One man stopped by to check out the cars after he was told there was a 1947 Monarch there exactly like one his grandfather once drove. He was under the impression that his grandfather's car had landed up at the auto-wrecker's years ago. But on inspecting our car...he knew immediately it was the one his grandfather had owned...still sporting the non-stock signal lights that had been added. He couldn't believe it...and took lots of pictures. It has many memories for him...including a ride in the back seat when his sister accidentally opened the suicide door and was almost pulled out onto the highway. Suicide doors got their name for a reason! Who knew we would meet someone who rode around in the old car back in the day...some sixty years ago?

There was live entertainment throughout the afternoon...

...including a young hip-hop dance troupe that I was looking forward to seeing. They performed a few songs they learned this summer at 'hip hop day camp'. That seems far removed from the VBS of old...but appears to have been an excellent outreach program...and I know first hand of two girls who quite enjoyed it.

The food was great (pulled pork sandwiches with all the trimmings)...and the line-ups moved quickly. As for the coffee... couldn't have been better! The Tim Horton's cruiser pulled in...and served complimentary coffee and timbits.

It was a good time...and it was our gift to the community...and hopefully many will be back to see what happens at Central throughout the year.


  1. This is the second great church post I've read this morning. You're blessed in your church community - and so is your whole town.

  2. Boy church picnics have changed havent they? Ours was this last weekend as well .. .and we dined on hot dogs and krispy cremes. (with the emphasis on krispy cremes.)

  3. Hi Judy - We always look foward to your Blogs - You never seem to run out of ideas. This is a great 'Church Kick Off' carnival.
    What a neat story about your 1947 Monarch.

    Ryder and Ranen are darling once again. Gorgeous hair.

  4. it looks like you had something for everyone! perfect.

  5. How fun that this man found your car and it held some great memories for him! :0)

  6. It must have been a good time for all attending. The country is so gorgeous where you live.

    I've heard of Tim Horton's coffee, but I've never had any.

  7. That sounds so well organized ... many people involved in making it happen, I'm sure. The food sounds perfect for feeding the multitudes.
    The kids are soo cute! And I'm sure that guy wished he could buy back the car!

  8. A 1954 turquoise that really how cars looked the year I was born? What a fun story about the black car and the grandfather who owned it.

    You do have a way of making each post so interesting. I enjoyed another fun visit. And I will be on the lookout for the Tim Horton coffee van, at my next church picnic...great idea!

  9. I'm so sad that we had to miss it...but maybe next time...Can't wait till Sunday's Rendezvous.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful time and a perfect outreach. Your church is certainly community spirited.

  11. What an excellent way to for your church to kick off their fall programming! You had a beautiful blue skies day and so many fun things ti see and do. What a treat for the grandson of the original owner of your Monarch! Seeing the cat must have brought back so many memories to him.

    We missed our church picnic while were is a little old fashioned but fun.


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