Tuesday, June 8, 2010

down the garden path....

It's been a little hard to fit gardening between the showers this spring......
but I managed to get my petunias planted yesterday morning...

...all four flats of mellow yellow (surfina lime) petunias.
After several decades of hot pink petunias...
I've switched to something a little more subtle...for the second year now.

Though I must say that I visited every garden shop in the area...before I found the shade I was after.

It's not that I don't like pink...it was just time for a change. 

We are so enjoying the pink dogwood blooms...
that don't seem to mind being rinsed clean almost daily.

What I am NOT quite so happy about...

...is the uninvited guest pest that is using our garden path.

Oh...and he has made detours through the flower beds...and across the lawn.
We have tried everything to discourage him...even calling the 'moleman' for a bit of advice.

We're hoping he moves on to greener pastures...sometime in the very near future!

Today...we are planning on sunshine and gardening!

Have a great Tuesday...


  1. On my screen, your yellow petunias are the shade of pale green hydrangeas and they look GORGEOUS! If I thought there were pale green petunias out there, I'd plant in a minute!

    As for the mole, a close friend is a Master Gardener and she advises not to kill them as they only pop up early Spring and then go deep. She says they eat alot of grubs and things that would otherwise damage the lawn. We live in N.H. so I don't know if moles are different where you are. I do recall my Great Aunt, in Indpls, putting those windmill style flowers into the ground, attached to stakes. Never knew if they worked or not but everyone used them back in the day. The vibration was supposed to irritate the moles so they'd leave.

  2. Here in the northwest those moles don't go deep. .ever, unless they head down for a quick nap. They sure do cause the lawns a lot of damage.
    I love your petunias. . they will be perfect in your beds. My bedding plants were planted a month ago and some of them have been growing but others are waiting for sunshine and warm weather to really take off.

  3. NEVER seen petunias that color??? I would love to find some of those. I planted the deep purple ones this year.
    Sorry no mole advice...but I know the feeling of thinking about the damage they could do! YIKES!

  4. No moles over here, as they know we're on rock with just a thin covering of soil. All the bedding plants went in a couple of weeks ago and some rotted from all the rain, while some have done very well. It's a bit of a gamble, really. Those petunias are lovely.

  5. I love that color of petunias!! Great choice. The sun is really brilliant this morning. I'm already planning an escape into it somewhere...
    Hope your pest leaves soon!

  6. That is a very cool shade of petunia. With all the pink one has about, it must be a welcome change. A mole! Dastardly villain! Hope that you get him. We're in the throes of catching a groundhog. We even purchased a trap. So far the score is Groundhog 3 and us 0.

  7. What a unique shade of petunias. I still haven't put my bedding plants in, but maybe this week. It's been too cool and rainy to feel like being outdoors much.

    Sorry about the mole - no fun at all.

  8. I seem to always go for the pink flowers, but I must say your mellow yellow are very pretty.

    I do hope you are able to send that pesky mole packing.

  9. Judy, I read your blog everyday ever since it appeared on "Blogs of Note". I'm about your age, a teacher but I have no granchildren yet (my kids are in their 20s and one is 12). Visit me at http://iamyourgurupntay.blogspot.com

  10. I've never seen petunias that color shade before, Judy! They are beautiful! I never have luck with petunias but impatiens always do well for me.

    Oh oh ..moles are so destructive, aren't they? Maybe if you let the barn dog hang around that area for a day he'd chase it away?!

  11. I love your petunias! I love all petunias, in fact, they just don't love me. I planted 3 batches of them year before last and all of them died. I live on the Gulf Coast where the heat is so oppressive the petunias need to be watered at least twice a day...turns out more than once is too high maintenance for me. I switched to begonias, who are grateful to be watered twice a week :) Hope you get the mole taken care of...what a mess!

  12. What a pretty and unique shade of petunias. Did you know they make nice bouquets? My friend makes beautiful bouquets of petunias. Hope you find out how to get rid of your of your moles.

  13. Just thought of an idea: you can hire Bill Murray's character from "Caddyshack" and he'll take care of them and your flowers and your garden all at once.


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