Monday, June 7, 2010

out of Africa...

...and into our hearts and homes!

The African Children's Choir is touring the west coast...and was in our town over the weekend.  

My daughter hosted three of the children and their chaperone on Saturday night...and so we went to join in the fun. 

Maelyn took an instant liking to the girls...and became their closest friend for the duration of their stay.

The girls were from Kenya and Uganda...and part of an eighteen month North American tour.  They were so young, so polite and so happy.  Most of our food is new to them...and they eat it all...except for cheese! 

We walked to the park...
and spent awhile on the playground as the sun was setting.
(Yes...we saw some sun on Saturday...and it felt so good!)

 Ranen was a little apprehensive about cousin Maelyn's guests...
but decided they could be trusted to lend a helping hand.

Girls will be girls...
wherever they may come from!

Life may have it's ups and downs...
and for these children there have been many 'downs'.

But they are so gracious...
and so thankful for the opportunity they have been given.

We...who are so blessed in the things this world has to offer...
often miss the true meaning of life...
and forget to be thankful to Him who has given us all things.

We saw them in concert yesterday morning.

They sang and danced before the Lord...
seemingly oblivious to those of us who were in the audience.
Their joy was contagious.

They were with us for such a brief moment in time...
but they will not soon be forgotten!


  1. We had`a similar`visit last year from 'Watoto', a wonderful Christian choir from Africa.

  2. Looking at that first photo, I can imagine the energy and the rising song. The pictures of the children playing together say it all - we should all value one another, care for one another, play with one another and respect the way the other worship. The world can learn a lot from watching children.

  3. What a great experience for your grands....making new friends. wish we had been able to go to their concert. I love how you said they just sing and dance for the Lord and don't worry about the people in the audience. how refreshing to see! Kathy

  4. I have also seen that group or one very similar at a local church and they were fabulous. What joy and enthusiasm they bring! And your grands brought them some joy, too, I can tell by the gentle way they are interacting. Wonderful!

  5. How wonderful. Glad you were all able to enjoy the children and they were given hospitality by your family.

  6. I saw this choir or one very similar on TV recently. They had such beautiful and exuberant voices.

    My children always told me they were happy to have grown up in a multicultural city, as many of their classmates and playmates were from different cultures and ethnicity's. It is good to learn young that we are all alike, no matter what our skin color or religion.

  7. I have always been amazed about the talent, energy and joy these kids have! What a great experience for your grands to be able to spend time with them.

  8. Love the pictures and how fun to hear them in person!
    My husband was just in Senegal with our church in April, quite an experience for him :-)

  9. More life lessons for your grandchildren through these special children. Your words about these children and their attitude in life, blessed me today. A perfect example of hardship causing thankfulness even in young children. I appreciate this post.

  10. Thank you Judy, these sorts of posts are so helpful to keep life in perspective.
    Such a wonderful choir for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

  11. What a wonderful experience for your family and a very generous gesture by your daughter. So, glad everyone had a blessed time.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson