Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the piano plays on...

We never had a piano in our home when I was growing up...and though I am not so sure I would have enjoyed the practicing...I often wished I could play.  We bought a brand new Yamaha piano when our children were of 'piano playing age'.  There were other things we would have rather spent the money on...but giving our children the gift of music seemed the right thing to do. Our oldest was quite excited about learning to play piano...for a time.  Our second son had no interest whatsoever in playing any instrument...and we decided not to subject him to lessons.  Our daughter played a little piano...and a little flute...and loved to sing. 

When we moved from the farmhouse six years ago...we decided we would not move the piano.  Moving a  piano is not an easy task...and why did I need a piano?   Our middle son...the one with no interest whatsoever in pianos...moved into the farmhouse...and found himself with a piano.  Though it was not technically his...we all know that 'possession is nine-tenths of the law'.  Since he still had no aspirations of becoming a piano player...and since it is not good for an instrument to sit idle year after year...his daughter has been taking piano lessons this past year.  Spencer invited us to her year-end recital over the weekend...

...and did a fine job of her pieces.  She would rather play behind closed doors...and without an audience...but she stepped up to the challenge...and we were so proud of her.

Her dad was in the audience...checking the program frequently to see how long until his daughter would be playing.  Ryder yawned...and stretched...and rolled his eyes...during one well-rehearsed piano piece after another. was Spencer's turn.  Now everyone was paying attention!  And when the clapping died down...her father and brother slipped out...unnoticed...while the recital continued.  I don't think Ryder will be playing the piano anytime soon...

...but maybe if he had the same teacher his sister has...he could be coaxed to give it a try.  She is the best of teachers!

I'm glad the piano is still making music...after all these years.'s good for the soul.  

'There's nothing remarkable about it.
All one has to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself.'  
~Johann Sebastian Bach  



  1. Judy - Such a lovely story. As a piano teacher myself, it warms my heart to see a family enjoying the joy and blessing of music. Blessings to you and hope that your granddaughter enjoys many more years of study at the piano.

  2. We all took piano lessons in our home growing up. Loved this little piece or your life. Kathy

  3. Judy - another great story. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations to Spencer!! There is a history of piano in the family. I'm so proud of you. Keep it up!!

  4. Oh this warms my heart. I'm always thrilled when a new generation takes an interest in the piano. I tortured my children with three years of lessons each believing it was good for them. Neither plays a note today. Still I have great hopes for at least one of those grands of mine. Tell Spencer that she looks beautiful at the piano and that I wish I could have heard her play.

  5. I felt a shudder go down my spine at the angst of piano recitals from my past. It is good to learn to play piano .. .and perhaps one day she'll be playing sunday school songs for her grands. If that is all it accomplishes. .I say it is a success.

  6. What a great little story! How adorable she looked sitting at that piano, I would have been near tears I'm sure :-)
    Music is so important and its so sad that so many school have cut the music programs from our schools.
    I received a piano for my 12th birthday, it was a dream come true. Then came lessons, and to my surprise practice was required!
    Play on......

  7. Oh what fun! So glad the piano is still being played. I admire anyone who can stick to a practice schedule!!

  8. Music is a wonderful gift. I wish I had been given lessons! My great-grandmother taught piano, my grandmother could play piano, my mother too (a little), but it was never passed down to me. However, I get to hear piano music every day, living with the Musician.

    I hope Spencer will want to continue and enjoy the rewards later in life!

  9. I've always wanted to learn, hey maybe I still can in my 50's!! LOL

  10. Congratulations to Spencer!

    The gift of music is a life long treasure! Not everyone wants it, however, so it is good not to force someone to try if they have no desire.

    My son preferred sports as a pass time but my daughter enjoyed playing violin and dance.

    I wonder what my grandson will enjoy? He seems to love drums and playing ball right now :-)

  11. This is an interesting piano story and it has a happier ending than our piano story. I begged and pleaded for an piano so that I could become an accomplished pianist like my best friend. My parents finally bought a piano and after four excruciating years of lessons, I came to realize that the skills of piano playing were not for me. To this day, I thouroughly enjoy hearing the piano music of anyone who can play. I am proud of your little granddaughter, and wish her the best.

  12. I love piano - I took lessons - taught beginners for awhile - now play on a worship team and for pure pleasure. My daughter plays much better than I do - and I love to hear her play. My boys play too though not classical. Music is a great gift.

  13. I always wanted to play the piano, too.When our daughter started college and our nest was empty most of the time, I decided I would try piano lessons. Then a co-worker gave me a piano. I took for a year and then life began to happen. I thought I was going to just take a break, but I have never got back to it. I have found a teach yourself system that my minister of music has checked out and approved. So, I'm thinking that after the wedding in Sept, I might order it and give it another try. I'll let you know if I can do it. So, proud of your granddaughter! Playing for others is scary... way to go!

  14. Judy, Absolutely beautiful!! It takes me back to fifth grade when my Mom made my brothers and me take piano lessons. My older brother could have cared less, but my younger brother and I loved it. Playing the piano was always a joyful experience for me and there is not a much more beautiful sound than piano music (though I do love cello and oboe!). It was a wonderful gift. My younger brother went on to become a professional musician. Your story took me back to sitting at Mom's piano that summer and practicing showtunes!!

  15. We all played the piano - my poor parents - years of Fur Elise pounded out with all our might. Good for your sweet Spence for getting up and performing! The piano lessons will stand her in good stead in so many ways in the years to come.

  16. what a wonderful story, I am a piano player myself, although non-practicing at this stage in my life. :) Two kids, a job and school prevent me, plus I'm sur it would help if the piano was at my home. It is a piano purchased by my grandmother in 1978 for $1800.00. She made all the payments on it, and when I came along, she also paid for my lessons. In my teen years I threw the piano to the wind as it was not "cool" anymore, however I long to bring it back into my home to start making memories with my daughters. Thank you for the inspiration...


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson