Friday, June 4, 2010

going green....

Green is a welcome change from grey...
the dominant colour of the recent past.

The sun came out yesterday...
and suddenly everything was green...
vibrant emerald green!

A sunny day makes everything look a little brighter.

I stopped by a neighbourhood greenhouse...
to pick up cuc's...and tomatoes...and peppers.

And I poked my camera inside...
and took a few photos of the greens within.

Warm...lush...and green.
It felt good.

And I met a friend for coffee.
It looks like we both decided to go green!

Today?  Grey.
Have a wonderful weekend...whatever the weather!


  1. It's grey here but I'm headed up Island where I'll have a cup of coffee with a blogger friend.
    That photo of you and your friend - beautiful with both of you in green and that summery cloth between you.
    .....wishing you a little dry sunshine!

  2. i'm glad you had your brief green
    moment! it will return before you
    know it.

  3. Oh I really enjoyed the green yesterday, too. I walked across the yard and thought "this is my favorite time of year for this yard" Everything is just so lush and nice. Looks like a lovely spot to share coffee or tea. Your collage of green is beautiful...

  4. Well it has been grey here but the last 3 days have been beautiful, all the colours have come out and yes there is lots of green. Hopefully it will stay. Your photo's are lovely, thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh I so enjoy green. I hear that the weather will improve again tomorrow we'll be patient and look forward to the brighter days ahead.

  6. What a beautiful view you have! We got a nice rain yesterday so everything is looking green and lush here, too! Love it!

  7. I loves your blogs - from down here in Kansas.

  8. You and your friend look wonderful in green. (I always look a bit ill when I wear it and I love the color green, too. Darn.)

    Yes, a sunny day changes perspective immensely so I'm hoping that there is a sunny weekend in store for you.

    Must get going to the greenhouse myself to find something for my trellises! ;> Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. It looks like the "40 shades of green" Ireland has, Judy! We've had some beautiful, albiet humid, weather here thsi past week. I can see my tomatoes growing right before my eyes!

  10. Do you know what? This morning it was perfectly clear at 6:00am? and by 7:30pm it was already raining.
    Next time let's think more grey....

  11. you want to borrow my green shoes?

  12. What a lovely tea you are having. Glad the sun is finally shining.

  13. Hi! I just found your blog today...I love it already! It's visually very beautiful and I enjoyed reading it too. I'll be following you now, hope you don't mind. I've tagged you for an award. Stop by and pick it up sometime :) Have a blessed day!

  14. I dream of the day that I can peak into a local greenhouse and then produce a mosaic as gorgeous as the one you shared today. I am sitting here smiling. You continually amaze me with your talent. I do also appreciate when bloggers share people pictures. You and your friend look so happy in the picture sharing your coffee together. Beautiful post.

  15. What a soothing post. Green is good . . .

  16. I love your pasture photo ... and smiled at the 'green' friends!! Does that mean you are environmentally friendly??? smile

  17. Do you want some room mates??? It is so beautiful....that is something to take in with a first cup of coffee!
    How blessed you are!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson