Monday, February 20, 2012

beak to peak...

We need not travel far to see the bald eagle in its natural habitat.
They happen to love coastal British Columbia...
and it seems many have taken a liking to our neighbourhood.
My challenge is always to find an eagle posing in front of my favorite mountain peak.

When I saw this one down the road on Friday...
I couldn't resist a photo stop!

A handsome fella...
wouldn't you say?

This one gave me the stink eye!

His friend came in for a landing on the branch next door...

...and then checked me out as well.

These two spend a lot of time hanging out on our farmyard.
My grands try to warn their kitties to stay out of sight!
For good reason...
I'm sure.

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. 
They will soar on wings like eagles; 
they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
Isaiah 40:31NIV

What a great verse.
Put your hope in God...
and soar like the eagle.


  1. Oh my, what wonderful photographs!! I do believe they posed for you, great shots!

  2. Amazing...what a treat to see those from your house!

  3. They are magnificent. Even the one giving you the stink eye. Ha! Your title made me laugh, too. Very clever.

  4. What a great post title!
    There's been a big eagle hanging out in the cedar closest to the pond - eyeing the ducks, no doubt.

  5. Wow - those pictures are amazing. Majestic birds they are! That text about soaring like an eagle is one of my favourites.
    You made me smile with the "stink eye" comment.

  6. Wow ... Amazing photos, Judy. I would say you met your challenge... and then some.
    Great title for your post today too.

  7. Oh you got such great shots of "your" eagles! I love seeing them and often creep as close as they allow.
    They are not a bird to be tamed....that is for sure.

    Love the verse!

  8. As you know, Judy, this is one of my favorite verses. Eagles are such magnificent birds! You are very fortunate to be able to see so many of them in your area.

  9. What wonderful pictures. Love eagles. I hope you are familiar with the song that was written by a priest to the verse you quoted. Google "On Eagles Wings". It is beautiful.

  10. Gorgeous shots, Judy. And I love that verse that accompanied this post.

  11. Oh, those are the two eagles that swooped by here awhile ago. They said they were headed for Elmer's and Judy's place. Glad to see they made it. Say hi to them for me and remind them about what I said I'd do to them if I heard they had tried to mess with any cats.

  12. Oh how I love to see eagles. Your area really is blessed with a lot of them. Beautiful photos!

  13. Amazing pictures! ABout the only way I will get to see these majestic birds!

  14. I saw one soaring above me and landing in a tree on my walk this morning too!

  15. Gorgeous, Judy !!
    We see them often but you got really neat photos !
    I love your post title too ... maybe a tweek? "peek at beak on peak" smile!

  16. Wow - what amazing photos - and such close-ups! I do love that Scripture and like nothing more than to soar!

  17. We too, are enjoying the many eagles that roost in the trees around our place. So majestic that it is easy to see why Isaiah chose them as an example. Your photos are wonderful!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson