Tuesday, February 28, 2012

what's new....

Did you know there is an apple out there called a 'grapple'?

I wouldn't have known either...
but hubby came along to the grocery store with me recently.
While I shop the list...
he snoops.
He found grapples...

...grape flavoured apples 
...and thought we needed to try them.
Let's just say I prefer the apples straight off the trees of the Okanagan Valley.
The ones that have not been messed with.
Don't get me wrong...
I love grapes.

But not mixed with apples.

I bought a new Wilton Heart Tasty-fill Pan recently...
with intentions of baking a 'heart-filled' cake for Valentine's Day.
It never happened then...

...but I tried it out for our guests last week.

Chocolate cake...
with a chocolate mousse heart...
and whipped chocolate frosting.
If you ever need to bake a hearty cake...
you know where to find a pan!

Also new in my kitchen...

...is the amaryllis that has been teasing us for the past month.
It was worth the wait.

Have a terrific Tuesday...


  1. You gave me the joy of starting out my day with chocolate and flowers...thank you! That cake looks like it should be in a food magazine. You are quite gifted!

  2. I actually do know about grapples...fancy that lol. They make a lovely pie and if you haven't tried it you should!!!
    The cake looks good, am baking a coconut cake right now (you'll see why if you visit me at One Cat Shy of Crazy this morning). Back to the grater!

  3. I've never heard of Grapples before. I think I'll skip them. My favorite apple is the Fuji... yum yum! Your header picture is lovely (as always!) Your cakes look delicious. Have a great day...

  4. I've never seen those apples either...I am not sure we get them in the UK. I dont have one of those cutters either but have seen them and think I will buy one. I love apples but only like to eat them cut up. And that cake!! Clever!

  5. What fun that cake pan is. Did not know about grapples. The Amaryllis really is stunning! Have a wonderful day!

  6. I've never seen on of those grapples, and I doubt that I'd buy one. I like my apples from the Okanagan too - in a big bag or straight from the tree.
    Now that cake - I would certainly go for that!

  7. Don't you love how your grocery list changes when hubby comes along! Your cake looks like perfection - what a treat for your guests.

  8. Oh pretty flowers and beautiful cake! Grapples. I will have to try one. No, I know nothing about them nor have I see them, but when I do, I'll remember where I first heard of them.

  9. I'd stick to regular apples too....but glad you tried these for me:)
    I'd try that cake any day!
    I smiled at your amaryllis....looks like several friends are talking about their tall red beauties.

  10. I was hoping you'd show us how that pan works. The cake is beautiful and I'm sure tsted just as good!

  11. Just yesterday I was checking out the apples at the grocery store. I didn't notice any grapples, but perhaps I wasn't looking close enough.
    Your cake is so pretty. Almost too pretty to eat :). It looks like it would taste heavenly. I think your guests were lucky people.

  12. Grapples - now who thought of that? The cake pan is a much better idea - chocolate mousse in the middle, oh my. How delectable!

  13. They have combined so many fruits in recent years. Apricots/peaches/plums/
    now GRAPES!
    I do like the plumcots but have not seen the grapple....yet.

    Beautiful pictures to go with this tasty post!!

  14. Cake looks yummy! I think I will stick to apples that taste like apples, too!

  15. Glad the ameryllis bloomed before you went out of town! Funny about the grapples. I love trying a slice of a new Apple variety, like Honeycrisp or Pink Lady, but wind up Gala, Cameo and Fuji.

    Read a lovely book called Sweet Hush about an apple growing family with rare heritage Apple trees. Made me wish I had the means of tasting more heritage varieties. Around here there are several heritage varieties that the Mormon pioneers supposedly brought. They are quite flavorful!

  16. Your cake is so pretty - very creative decorating. I also love the photo of the apple cutter and apples. I bought that "From Plate to Pixel" book and am studying to improve my pictures. Your apple picture is so eye catching.

  17. Wonderful pictures.....all of them.

  18. This is the first I've heard of grapples. I'd love to try them, too!

    I have a weakness for fun shaped baking pans, Judy! i will be on the lookout for this one.

    Glad your pretty amaryllis bloomed--it looks worth the wait!

  19. Oh I love this post! The cake and the apples and your amaryllis is looking beautiful. That cake pan is fantastic.


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