Thursday, February 9, 2012

cake for mom...

Twelve years ago today...
I had cake and coffee with my mother two times...
afternoon and evening.

After all...
it was her birthday.
Aunt Maggie served cake in the afternoon.
In the evening...
we gathered as a clan at my sister Dot's for a bit of a celebration.

Had we known it would be the last time we would celebrate my mom's birthday with her...
we would have had a cake for breakfast as well.

(I kept a diary in those pre-blogging days...
and so I know how we celebrated her birthday on Feb. 9, 2000.)

Next week we are having a Valentine's party over here...
with her great-grandchildren.
She never had a chance to meet any of them.
I really wish she could join us!

I have fond memories of special times around the table with my mom....
starting with tea parties long ago.

Today is mom's special day.
We will have pie tonight...
and think of mom who was a pie-maker extraordinaire.

Thanks for all the good memories, Mom!


  1. Judy, your mom created great memories for you - and a fabulous woman she was!! You are certainly following in her footsteps - you Wow us, with the amazing things you do for your kids and grands - as well as us sibs, friends and extended family.

    You are one of a kind.

    We take a moment to salute your mother today!!

  2. Glad you had a Mom who made special memories with you. The photo is awesome :-)

    Hugs and enjoy your pie!

  3. OH I love the photo are the one on the left!!

    So sweet to remember those precious memories and also those last times. It is good that we can remember with no regrets.

    Enjoy that pie today! It makes me smile to think how many February 9ths we were both celebrating and eating cake.

  4. Oh what a sweet photo. Looks like her pie making genes came down to you. Enjoy your sweet memories Judy...

  5. I just love these vintage photos of your mom and Lovella's Mom on her blog. So cool that they both had the same birthdates!
    Yes - have pie in her sweet! Hugs to you today as you remember.

  6. What a sweet picture! How special that your mom and Lovella's mom shared a birthday.

  7. It's so lovely to have special memories of a very loved mother.

  8. Sweet memory and not just because of the sweets that were served. Is the tiny tea service set still being enjoyed by a new generation?

  9. Such a nice tribute to your mom today, Judy.
    I see the resemblance in your looks, but I also see the resemblance in how your mom took the time to make lasting and precious memories with her children ... just like you do. You obviously had a wonderful teacher.
    Enjoy your pie and happy memories.

  10. Happy birthday in heaven to your Mom, Judy! She must have been an amazing woman to have such a fine daughter as yourself. {{Hugs}}

    I am also missing my Mom terribly. It has been hard going through all her belongings the past month to sort them out among my siblings or to donate. So many memories!

  11. What a beautiful and loving tribute to your mom. Those pies look delicious!

    I think about the day I will lose my mom. At 86 she is still going strong! However, every celebration is a little more special with each passing year.....

  12. I'm sending a Happy Birthday to your mum in her heavenly home. I can see that you take after her in more than your ability to make a happy home - there's quite a resemblance!

  13. sweet post! so glad you have happy memories of your mom.

  14. You never forget your mother, Judy. The tributes that you share with us through My Front Porch are poignant and dear. She went much too soon and much too quickly and we never know when we are celebrating for the last time on this side of glory. How wonderful that we'll celebrate again. I like that you celebrate NOW! I'm just wondering what kind of pie it will be...

  15. It even looks like there is a little leftover pie dough on the photo! What a great way to remember her and to teach the great grands about their great grandma.

  16. What a special lady your mother must have been! I know without a doubt, she would be so proud and grateful of the lady you have grown up to be today. This is a real good picture!


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