Friday, February 17, 2012

sweet treats from grandpa...

He came to the grocery store with me...
as he does on a very rare occasion.
He threw some gum onto the check-out counter...
and explained that he needed to re-stock his supply of treats for the grands.

His trademark treat...
Juicy Fruit gum.

The girl at the check-out smiled...
as she re-counted that her grandpa always had Scotch mints for her when she was a wee thing.

So did mine!
We don't see Scotch mints so much these days.

And that got me thinking.
Do all grandpa's have a favorite sweet to share with their grands?
My Grandpa John Baerg always had Scotch mints in his pocket to share with us.
My other Grandpa John Baerg (yes, I had two)...
carried lifesavers around to dole out to us.

Let's hear about the grandpa treats in your life.

* * * * *

Let me explain about the two grandfathers with the same name.  My maternal grandfather passed away before I was born...and my grandmother married a man with the same name as my paternal grandfather.  It got a little confusing at times!


  1. Oh, the grandparent issue from both the grandchild and the grandparent. Didn't get many "treats"
    from my grandpa but got many blessings.

  2. Interesting story about the grandpas. I knew a woman who was a Wheeler and married a Wheeler, but not the same first name. That would get confusing!

    My grandfathers both had treats. One had butterscotch and the other Lifesavers.

  3. This post brings back a flood of Grandpa Gerber always had butterscotch candies that he kept in the fridge.

  4. You have so many interesting stories in your life and I think this is one of the best. My grandpa and my dad carried butterscotch candies with them. I still have one of the boxes that my dad had in his car. What a treasure to me!

  5. My husbands family thinks big. We have a shelf in the cupboard that is reserved for treats for grands.

  6. OH yes....he surely does. (if he hasn't treated himself too often first)

    My maternal Grandpa gave me one chocolate Rosebud.

  7. Your grandmother was quite clever to marry a man with the same name as her previous husband. No worries about a wrong name slipping out and no resorting to just calling him by a pet name to avoid a mis-speak.
    My grandpa would slip me squares of Hersey chocolates. And he would hide coins in my bedroom to inspire me to clean up my room!

    My husband's father keeps beer in the fridge for sharing with his grandson...the good stuff now. Grandson turned up his nose at grandpa's cheap Old Milwaukee brand. Kinda cute watching the 80+ year old and the 30+ year old shooting the breeze together over frosty beer mugs.

  8. Love the sweet treats that grandparents have around for the grands. My parents had the wrapped candies from Russia for my kids. I think Katie is the only one who actually liked them.

  9. Gotta love that.. grandpas from both sides with the same name... only amongst the Mennonites, right? The only grandfather I had lived too far away to make day to day memoires, but the grandma that lived with us, always had candy. Her favorites were the ones that looked like a slice of orange or lemon, sugar coated. For her great-grands she had big white mints and looney coins.

  10. I only knew one of my grandfathers but he had Parkinson's and was in the hospital. I remember my grandmother always had peppermints and humbugs to share and my mom loved chicken bones. When my girlfriend Jill and I went to the movies together we always bought McIntosh toffee and enjoyed smashing the box on the arm rest or seat in front of us. Thanks for stimulating those memories Judy.

  11. I never knew my grandfathers - they died before I was born. But I was very close to Roger's grandfather and he always had juicy fruit gum in his pocket for treats.

    Sheila reminded me of MacIntosh toffee - my favourite treat as a child. So good! But awful for fillings :)

  12. PS - a friend of ours is grandpa to 5 grandchildren and he turned a closet into "grandpa's candystore" - they're allowed a treat after supper every evening. Wouldn't that be fun!

  13. My grandpa had lemon drops and grandma had Juicy Fruit gum. Thanks for stirring up some memories!

  14. That made me smile. My grandmother was a MacDonald who married a MacDonald.
    I only knew one of my grandfathers, the other lived far away and died when I was young. The other was not a cosy or demonstrative grandfather. I don't ever even remember a kind word from him, as I was a girl, and he really only valued the boys. Watching my dad as a grandfather was wonderfully healing. His treat for the grandchildren?.....what they all call 'car candy' - hard fruit drops that he keeps in tins in the car.

  15. Wonderful memories!

    My grandfathers and one grandmother were deceased when I was a child. We only visited my Ukrainian grandmother one or two weeks every summer, as she lived a few states away. She would always have a quarter for each of us so we could buy treats in the corner store ( a quarter went a long way back then) and she always had a package of chocolate cupcakes for each of us. My dad loved black licorice and she always had a bag of that ready for him, and he'd share with us. My grandmother had chickens and a cow and a large vegetable garden so everything she cooked on her wood and coal burning cast iron stave tasted so good!

  16. My mom always had juicy fruit stick gum in her purse. We loved sharing a did her grands. You rekindles that memory. I loved the smell.

  17. I don't remember any sweet treats from grandparents, but your post reminds me that I want to be a sweet treat giver to my granddaughter. Maybe not in the form of food, but something special just for her, to remind her of my love. and I've always loved the smell of Juicy Fruit.


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