Thursday, February 23, 2012

when my sister and I are old...

My sister gifted me with this lovely apron for my 50th birthday.

For these past 10 years I have kept it safely stored in my cedar chest.
Recently I pulled it out...
and admired her handi-work...
and laughed at the poem.
And wore the apron...
just for fun.
I think the time has come, sister.
I wear purple from time to time.
 Never a red hat though!
And today I am having a big slice of cake...
in your honour.

It's your birthday.
Have a great day, Bev!

And my friend Lovella is celebrating a birthday today too.
Wishing you a wonderful birthday...

 ...and hoping you don't have to bake your own cake today!

Happy Day...
one and all.


  1. Wow so much work has gone into that apron! And that cake.....wonderful!

  2. I love that apron!!! And I want a piece of that cake right now - MMMMMM :).

  3. I've read a study finding that people who eat dessert for breakfast lose weight. Do you think it's true if one just looks at it??

  4. Being a stitcher myself, I so appreciate the work that went into your apron... it's so special! Love the poem too, makes me wish I had a sister.

  5. It's fun to grow old with people you love. Happy Birthday to your sister. I'll go over and wish Lovella a happy birthday now...

  6. Happy Birthday to your sister!
    There are a lot of BD's today. I know at least three more. I agree with you... hope Lovella is not having to make her own cake.=)

  7. Oh I'll leave happy birthday wishes for your sister Bev and then zip over to Lovella's. What great work Bev did on that wonderful apron; how wonderful that you wore it!

  8. The apron is darling, and the poem cracked me up. Well I'm over 50 and I love purple and wear it sometimes...but I'll NEVER wear one of those red hat things. LOL

    Just sayin....


  9. No purple hats for me but I don't mind a purple scarf or shirt or anything else for that matter.
    I love the poem and the apron and wish your sister the most delightful birthday.

    Thanks for you your sweet wishes for my birthday too. I wrote out a check this morning and absentmindedly wrote the year I was born.....oh vey.

  10. What a lovely gift in that apron. I wish I lived closer to my sister.

  11. Happy Birthday to Bev & Lovella! Luuuuuuv the apron!

  12. Oh my - when I made that I had no idea that one day I would work in Labor and Delivery where I've worn purple scrubs every day now for the past two-and-a-half years! Does that mean that I'm getting old? No red hats yet! Thanks, Judy! and thanks to your other blog buddies. Happy birthday, Lovella!

  13. You can proudly wear that adorable apron. You have survived many years to get to wear an "old" apron. The cake, well, here I sit with my hot cup of coffee and wishing I could cut a slice just for me. You will share a slice of the cake with Lovella, right?

    Happy Birthday to two special ladies!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson