Tuesday, February 7, 2012

to make plans or not...

Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. ~John Lennon

We had some guests around our table on Sunday afternoon...
including some elderly relatives.
They shared how so many of their friends have passed on.
'But we still make plans for tomorrow', they said.
Of course you do!
When we quit planning...
we quit living.

But this I also know.
Things do not always go according to our plan.
we are not the ones in charge.

I had not planned for Dad to be sick last week.
We are hoping to do a bit of travelling next month...
but put off booking anything while he was ill.
He seems to be doing much better these days.

On Sunday evening we did our research...
with plans to book our vacation yesterday morning.
Before we got up to meet the day...
we got word that Jeremy was very ill...
and on his way to ER.
We never booked our trip.
He had an emergency appendectomy in the afternoon...
and is hopefully on the road to recovery.

I think maybe today I will throw caution to the wind...
and make some reservations.

I make the plans.
But in the end...
He holds my future.


  1. Praying Jeremy is already feeling better. Wondering where you will travel this time.

  2. If we don't dance in the rain, life doesn't happen...you have taken care of those and fed and clothed all those in your circle.
    Would love to see you make the travel plans.

  3. So true - life happens while you're making plans! Hope everyone is O.K. and I know how you feel with the uncertainty. Hugs and prayers!

  4. Oh man does this resonate with me right now. We continue our plans, too, waiting to see His future for us...

  5. So true...
    We just never know...live it like it's our last....
    Hope Jeremy has a quick recovery and that Dad is improving.


  6. We're not in charge, but we're expected to be partners so I hope you make those plans!
    So sorry to read about Jeremy's appendectomy. We had one of those happen here too - Lillypad's fiance had an emergence appendectomy a few weeks ago.

  7. Everything you've said is so true. We have to make plans but realize they may have to change. I'm glad that Jeremy is on the mend.

  8. God bless both these men in your lives. Gosh. Your dad last week and Jeremy this. Praying for a quick and total recovery for them both. Yes, plans are always good. (I have some for tomorrow. It'll be the first time I've been out of the house for the day since before Christmas.)

  9. A verse from Proverbs says what you are saying... We can make our plans, but the final outcome is in God's hands.So often I am surprised how many of our plans really do come to pass.

  10. Saying prayers for Jeremy for his quick and complete recovery and that you Dad continues to do well, Judy!

  11. Rminds me of Robbie Burns -" the plans of mice and men gang aft aglay.." And the verse Anneliese quoted!
    So glad Jeremy is on the mend and you can at least begin your planning.

  12. That is a lovely saying about choosing to dance in the rain...I will take that!

    Hope Jeremy and your dad are getting better. I know I keep putting off making plans for that European trip, for all the same reasons as you have, family both young and old seem to need us quite a bit this season of our lives.

  13. Hopefully by now Jeremy is feeling much better. What you shared is so well said. Life is so unpredictable but it is so comforting to know the One who is in charge of our lives.

    Hopefully you will share your upcoming trip with us. I think that is so interesting!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson