Friday, February 3, 2012

the vintage fork easel...

As promised...
today is all about bending a fork out of shape...
just for fun!

I saw this idea on pinterest a few months ago...
and immediately went on a hunt for old silver forks.

Old silver forks make fantastic easels...
to display a wee photo or a vintage card.
The card pictured above is one my dad gave my mom...
some sixty-five years ago.

The forks can be found at thrift stores...
sometimes for ten cents each.
Other times...

I had only a photo to go by...
so my easels are 'by guess and by golly'.

Since my forks were quite curved...
I started by flattening them a little on the workbench.
Using hubby's vice...
I secured the fork tightly and then proceeded to bend the tines with a plier.
Both outside tines were bent forward and a wee bit out at the base.
The two center tines were bent to the back...
and also out at an angle.

I used needlenose pliers to flip up the bottoms of the tines.

Nothing fancy...
but it worked.

The silver is quite soft and easy to mark with the pliers..
Use masking tape on tines to prevent that...
or not.

Once the easel is done...
check to see that it is sitting level.

If not...
it may need a wee bit adjusting.

I have given these away as gifts...
have a few sitting around my place...

...and we used some on our birthday party table earlier this week.

Next week I'll share a few of the other pinterest inspired things I have made recently.

So there you have it...
a five or ten minute project that makes a great gift!


  1. This morning I closed my utensil drawer and one of my forks caused it to stick, bending the fork totally. I was a bit annoyed that it happened, but then I read this post and smiled. What a great idea! How clever and so perfect to display your beautiful birthday invite. I might just have to go and retrieve my badly damaged fork:)

  2. Ahh Judy you have my creative juices flowing:)

  3. Oh Judy! I was in an on-line seminar about new technology and informational platforms this week. Pintrest was featured and the stats on it show it was huge with the 25-35 year old and almost unheard of by the over 55 set.

    I was proud of myself for being the only You go girl!one in the room who knew about it and now I am high fiving you for also keeping up on the new wave of information delivery platforms.

  4. How perfectly LOVELY!!! I am going to ask Louis Dean to help me make some of these....they would look clever holding some of Amber's Quad untrasound photos!

  5. Very cool...I've seen these and now I want one. I'll be even more clever and pass it off to John. ☺ I have so many items on my flea market list as a result of visiting Pinterest. One involves doilies, but I don't want to part with any that I already own so some will have to come from elsewhere.

    Thanks for telling us how you accomplished this. It does make a fun gift!

  6. That block is a smiley face. ☺ Funny how it shows in the preview box and not in the final comment. There it goes again!

  7. It is such a great little idea. I saw it too but didn't take the time to make did.

  8. Funny, I had a fork last week get caught in the drawer and bend as well :-)

    Thanks for the share, though someone at my next dinner party will be eating with a spoon....


  9. There are so many good ideas on Pinterest. Sometimes, it seems like people pin and don't DO. It's great to see this project! The fork easels turned out so well.

  10. I love my little fork easel - thank you! It sits, with the photo, on my dresser.

  11. So glad getting bent out of shape had such a fun result!!

  12. Luuuuuv it. Looking forward to more Pinterest inspired actualities!

  13. Love the idea!! I'll be on the hunt for some old forks now!!

  14. I wish I would have looked at the one ones on the table now! =(
    missed that!

  15. What a neat idea. Reminded of the restaurant in Nelson BC called The Bent Fork, in an old house. Thanks for the idea.

  16. What a neat idea. Reminded of the restaurant in Nelson BC called The Bent Fork, in an old house. Thanks for the idea.

  17. I feel lucky to have one of these bent forks in my kitchen. What an incredible idea...and it's fun to see how many others have bent forks in their cupboards.
    You said, it only takes 10 minutes...and I was thinking 10 hours...
    I love how you can take anything and turn it into something spectacular.

  18. Great idea Judy! I'm going to give it a go.

  19. That is so clever and beautiful! You did a great job and I'm sure it looks easier than it is! I love the vintage card as well - I've been discovering some of those in my parent's things.

  20. Fork is a great idea, I must check out that site too. Love you eagle pictures below! I have only got a quick glance of two here.

  21. Great job Judy...I've seen these before, I love the idea! Might have to give it a try, I'll be watching for a fabulous FORK!


  22. I found you on Nancy's Notes, (just found her too, smile). I love your "Silver Fork Easel". Perfect for displaying small cards/postcards. Although not sure I could take my silver fork treasures and bend them.

    I collect the small forks and use them when serving guests at a party who are holding their plate in their hand/lap.


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