Wednesday, February 15, 2012

candlelight dinner...

Many of you ate by candlelight last night. 
By choice!

We ate with the lights on...
since we had a few grandgirlies join us for the evening.

But that was OK...
since we just had a lovely candlelight dinner over the weekend.
I'm sure it wasn't planned that way...
but when the lights go out...
the candles are lit.

It seems we have had power outages almost weekly this past winter...
some lasting many hours.
On Saturday afternoon it happened again.
We were invited to our friends' for dinner...
and so I wasn't too concerned about not being able to cook.
When we pulled into their driveway...
and there was not a light to be seen...
we began to wonder what would be on the menu.

No worries!

They have a gas stove...
and many candles...
and we had a lovely evening by candlelight.
We finished up with dessert and coffee around the fire.
And just before we left for home...
the lights came on.

I'm thinking a gas stove is a good thing in a power outage.
But even better...
are friends with a gas stove!
It was a good evening...
by candlelight.


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening and fun to sit by the fire and enjoy coffee and desert!

  2. Good friends with a gas stove! Gas stoves make this a challenge because they have an electric ignition system that is sometimes difficult to bypass in an emergency.

    Good thing the temps have been mild or these outages would be more of a problem.

  3. How lovely to enjoy an unexpected candle light dinner together with friends.

  4. It's nice that you could spend a night without electricity in the company of good friends!

    My son and daughter -in -law have an electric stove. Every visit to their home that I cook on it I am grateful to go back home to my gas stove! :)

  5. Yes, our gas stove top has come to the rescue on many an occasion. We do not have a gas oven, though. Our water heater is electric, too, which makes hot showers a problem after a day without power. I'm sure this will go down as one of the more memorable evenings out to friends!

  6. Candlelight is so beautiful - but you have had a lot of outages this winter. Good thing it's not very cold out. Will there be any more storms yet this winter? I wonder. Things are starting to sprout up in my garden.

  7. Aha - another reason I want to switch to gas (or propane in my case). Looks quite romantic though I must say. Isn't it amazing how quiet it gets when the power is out - I quite enjoy that from time to time.

  8. A candlelight dinner with good friends who own a gas stove...what could be better! Oh, better would be sitting by the fire with coffee and dessert. Add lots of fun conversation and it is the recipe for a memorable evening.

  9. How lovely!!

    During Hurricane Ike down here in Houston a few years ago Amber and Mike's gas stove came in handy. They were able to cook and take food to friends. I have always had electric but I have enjoyed using her gas stove while I have been down here.

    Last winter we had rolling brown outs. Seems like that would happen more in the summer.

    Your dinner by candlelight photo was is so pretty!

  10. That is hilarious! Candlelight by choice or necessity is always is times like that, when going with a gas stove is a brilliant choice.

  11. Electric stove stand by meal for power outage.

    sliced ham
    slices of cheese
    crackers or bread (I prefer french bread)
    and tea (it can be drank at room temp) or some wine.

    Just so you know electric stove has this option =LOL!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson