Wednesday, February 8, 2012

mason jar party favours...

You have been asking.
Today I am telling.
Not that there is much to tell!

Cowgirl goblets...
they were called on pinterest.
I filed the idea...
thinking they might be the perfect thing as party favours for the birthday party we were throwing.
And they were!

Find yourself some mason jars...
some candlesticks in the height you want...
and some hardy glue.

I bought a dozen of the teeny mason jars at our local Sup*rstore...
a dozen short candlesticks at the dollar store...
and E6000 glue at Walmart.
Glue one jar on top of each candlestick.
Yield: one dozen 'cowgirl goblets'.
Cost: about $2.00 each.
Time: 5-10 minutes 

We put sixty jelly bellys in each jar...
(and we won't tell you what those cost!)
...and tied a photo tag on the stem .

The tags were simply made from wallet-sized photos...
printed on card stock.

On the back of each tag we wrote a message:
 Friends are like jelly beans...
good to the bottom of the jar.
Judy & Marg

At each place setting was a bottle of sparkling juice...
appropriately dressed in an apron...
and a cowgirl goblet to go with it.

My friend Karen over at Ocean Soul...
did a lot of experimenting with this idea before I tried my hand at it...
and recommended the Cadillac of glues.

So that is your very easy tutorial for today!
Have fun with it.


  1. Terribly clever! Love the poetry, too. I had to zip over to find what the Cadillac of glues could possibly be. Good to know!

  2. That's terrific! I must share this with my daughter who may want to do something like this for her wedding! You put so much thought and fun into planning that special party!

  3. Those are so awesome! Glad you are having such fun in prep for the party....hope its a blast!


  4. Such a cute idea and a nice party favor. I have seen them in shops around here where they were calling them "Redneck Wineglasses".
    Off to check out that glue.

  5. Such a cute idea and a nice party favor. I have seen them in shops around here where they were calling them "Redneck Wineglasses".
    Off to check out that glue.

  6. All 60 of my jelly beans are long gone now. I think I'll have my Dear mix me up a cowgirl drink to be served up in my jar tonight! :0)
    I'm also going to check into that Cadillac of glues!

  7. I think a little shop called, 'Something from Judy's' would fit perfectly under your front porch. We would sit and drink coffee and enjoy the views and purchase your wonderful displays.
    You could even do specialty classes for people from my background.

  8. It was an adorable favor, Judy! I know from experience the Jelly Belly jellybeans cost more than all the goblet materials combined, but they are so good they are worth it! I like your tag idea and may borrow it for my daughter's bridal shower favor if I can get some time to work on much to do lately!

  9. What a great idea! And just in time for the 'Quad' Party! Amber has been buying mason jars to use for the iced tea.....I am going this very afternoon to find everything you used for the favors! We are doing a Texas theme party (shower) with the 'QUADfather' holding court on the back patio where there will be chicken frying in one of those big outdoor fryers....mashed potatoes, green beans and a Texas flag cake with four little BELLS in the center of the star. (Bell is their last name so they are calling this the Bell Quad Squad!)
    Thanks for sharing this!

  10. I love this idea and will most certainly use it at some point. I need to bring my jar back to has a problem with the beans...or lack thereof.

  11. This is a great idea! I love jelly bellies.

  12. Marg and you became Bean counters! LOL. Thanks for the shout out! I am using the E-6000 on everything these days...i think I could build a house with it...that and duct tape! LOL.

  13. I love my little Cowgirl Goblet and thank you for it! These little treats, filled with turquoise and white jelly beans will make an appearance at shower before too long.

  14. I love my Classy Redneck Glasses which are just mason jars with a stem, lol! Good job here and as usual we are so glad you are a "sharer" Judy!

  15. These look brilliant. You do have lovely jars in the USA...we really don't have such a great choice over here.

  16. What creativity and what thoughtfulness you put into every detail. I enjoyed this post so much and have stored away the great ideas just in case I ever hit sixty:)


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson