Thursday, February 16, 2012

today is recycling day...

On Thursday we put our recycling at the road.  
A city truck comes by and picks it up sometime in the morning.  
There is mandatory garbage and recycling pick-up in our community and we are billed accordingly...
though we are exempt from the garbage portion since we have a bin on the farm. 
All cardboard, plastics, glass and tin cans are recycled...
and placed at the roadside in a blue bin or a blue bag.
I think recycling is a great idea.
And I love to see folks picking up bottles and cans along the road.
They help themselves and they clean up the environment.
I'm not so sure how I feel about people helping themselves to the recyclables I place at the road!

I glanced out the window a few weeks ago...
and saw someone going through our recycling bag.
He removed some items and placed them in his own bag.
I did a quick mental inventory of what might have been in my bag.
Somehow it didn't feel right.
What do you think?
Is everything at the curb free for the taking?
This I know...there was nothing of value in my blue bag.
I guess he has a good thing going on Thursdays...
cycling and re-cycling at the same time!
Why not?


  1. Recycling is a lovely concept. We are still recycling here just to stay in practice. I do love it when the highways are clean and neat and I wish that people would not be such...pigs...I meant to say so messy. It would not bother me if someone helped himself to the recycling UNLESS he left a mess.

  2. We have bins for general rubbish (garbage) and recycling. We have to separate plastic, cans, glass, paper, cardboard and garden waste. We don't have to pay extra as it is included in our taxes. It is a really good idea. Not just saving the planet but providing jobs too. I cant imagine there would be anything that anyone else would want in my bins!

  3. The same man comes by our house on garbage day! One time he hit the jackpot here because we accidentally out out a huge bag of pop bottles. I don't really want someone rifling through our garbage, though. It makes me worry about identity theft.

  4. Did you have any juice containers in there? The best way to figure it out is to look at your grocery bill the next time you pick things up and look to see what you were charged an extra deposit for.

    You should have used your zoom lens....that is so interesting that someone would go through your garbage. I tend to think that is a little odd.

    About Cindy's comment. ...I understand that concern, especially if you are putting out envelopes etc with your address on it. Maybe its not a big deal but I never put anything in the garbage or recycling with our name on it.

    This is making me laugh now...since I recall beging so protective of my last name at one time. I guess that is hopeless now.

  5. Yikes, that would give me a funny feeling. It may be recycling...but it still feels like personal property...or not??

  6. Oh that would creep me out. I know that aluminum cans and bottles can be taken to recycling centers for money and a lot of people take the time to do that for the pocket change it gets you. Just hope he's not a hoarder...

  7. I have noticed quite a few folks on their bicycles this past year going through other peoples bins. Not something I would do, but I think they just may be making themselves a wee bit of cash....from someones garbage. This week we took a box of bottles to the recycle depot and when I read the sign of what we can return for cash back I wondered if I was throwing money away. I will be checking my grocery bill more carefully.

  8. We have separate cans for garbage, recycle and yard waste, and we pay via our city taxes.

    The lady that cleans our home goes through my recycle. It did bother me at first, but then I decided I shouldn't care.

  9. Hmmm. I might be tempted to run out and ask him what he's "re-recycling"???? Just saying....
    Kind of wierd?

  10. I know there are the homeless people who go through bins and public trash cans and we feel more compassion than anything else... but I understand what you are feeling.
    What we put out at our own curb is still 'personal' and we feel some degree of having our personal space invaded.
    So I think I would feel the same as you...I would prefer that they wait until my 'personal' trash is dumped in some 'public' place - no longer identified with me.
    But.. then I wonder, is that 'pride' ?
    I have already said, I have no use for this .. so if someone else does, is that not an easy way to help someone in need?
    Just my out loud thinking....

  11. I've seen someone go through our re-cycle bag as well. I came upon her as I came home from my walk. It felt kind of strange, but I guess we have been too hasty to put things in there that can get us some change. I guess if they are not too proud to go through someone else's trash, then they really need the money, and they are still not coming to my door asking for bread, like they do in some countries.

  12. Funny about the "recycler". We recycle soft drink cans, newspapers and plastic bags. I hope it makes a difference!

  13. What an odd thing for someone to take some of your recycling material, unless it is bottle s that can be refunded! I always refund my bottles so anyone searching through my recycle is out of

  14. I feel that whatever is in that blue bag is YOUR
    property until it is picked up by the re-cycling
    The polite thing for this person to do is ring
    your doorbell and ask for permission to
    search your blue bag.
    I would introduce myself to him and suggest this.

  15. One person's junk is another person's treasure! It certainly would pique my interest though as to what was taken! With a lovely bike like that and a good helmet and safety jacket, it does look like it's not the money this person was after, just some things that can be re-purposed! It's amazing how creative some folks are!

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