Thursday, February 2, 2012

bent out of shape...

I'm a wee bit 'bent out of shape' this morning...
to think that I spent nine hours with my dad in ER yesterday.
All that just to get a doctor to write out a prescription!
Earlier this week dad spent a day and night in the same ER...
was treated for pneumonia and released with a prescription.
He took one dose of his meds...
got really sick...
and declared he would NEVER touch that medication again.
His family doctor was away until next week...
and so it seemed to make sense that we go back to ER where they had all his earlier records...
and could quickly prescribe an alternative medication.
Don't you think?
We mostly waited...
and waited some more.
Dad told stories...
loud enough to entertain some of the other ER guests as well.
I mostly listened...
and every two hours I went and fed the parking meter.
I had him home by midnight...
and when I left he was heating up a bowl of borscht for night-lunch.
He seems to be on the mend...
so I sure hope his new meds agree with him.

I found this photo in my files from his extended hospital stay three years ago...
and thought it went quite nicely with this post.
Dad quite dislikes forks that are bent out of shape.
He is known to straighten them out...
even in a restaurant!
As for me...
I've been bending old silver forks out of shape...
just for the fun of it.
That's my post for tomorrow.


  1. Ahh have woven this post together so well. Dear is not fond of bent forks at restaurants either.

  2. Judy I'm glad your dad rebounds so well when he is sick, and I hope the new meds agree with him!

    I spent the entire day in the ER with my Mom before her heart failed and she died. I never would have dreamed those would be our last hours together, but in retrospect I'm glad I was with her and that she was alert and talking and eating right till the end. I will always tresure those moments.

  3. Hugs to you and your dear dad. It wasn't a dreadful emergency so of course you had to wait, but wouldn't an express lane for those over 80 be wonderful? Those long waits couldn't possibly be good for their health.

  4. They don't make it easy do they? It's not easy no matter where or who you're dealing with. And it's a ridiculous crying shame. There must be a better way. Hope that your dad is getting the right medicine and feeling better.

    Are you making windchimes?

  5. Oh, how frustrating. And what a great play on words.

    I'm glad your Dad is home again, and hope he will soon be well.

    Vee guessed windchimes, I'm guessing miniature easels.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's difficulty with the meds and the long day the two of you had in the ER.
    As for the forks - well, I won't tell, but I have just shown TGD what you've been doing with silver forks and he was quite impressed!

  7. I can see how you would be bent out of shape. The only time hospitals are fun is when a baby is born.

  8. Oh goodness, what is it with our parents getting sick this season?! Hope he is on the mend ASAP!

  9. Boy, that was a full day for you. You need to spend time in our ER, then we could have a few short visits.
    I think I have one of your bent
    I'm still trying to develop a system that would be more beneficial to both parents and children...I may be working along time.....

  10. Bless your heart!! Your dad is recovering quicker than YOU are from this ordeal!!

    Looking forward to your bent fork post! I have some vintage silver and want to make little easels. I bought one at a craft fair amd they are charming.

  11. Hope your Dad is O.K. What a long day you had!
    Looking forward to your post tomorrow - better not let your Dad see it - smile!

  12. This is another one of your well written posts that had me smiling through it even though I know you didn't mean for it be that way. I am sure you felt a bit frustated as you went through this tiring ordeal with your dear dad, but the bent fork part reminded me of my husband and his bent fork episodes. Sure hope your dad is feeling much better right now.

    Only you...could do interesting, consecutive posts on bent forks.


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