Monday, January 21, 2008

come walk with me...

Now that I finally have a pedometer and I'm ready to start walking, the northeast wind is blowing and an arctic front is moving in. But if you bundle up, you can join me on my 2.8 mile (according to my pedometer) route from my home.

We walk north (into the wind) and within a quarter of a mile we cross the Trans Canada Highway on an's rather quiet at this time of the morning.

Soon the freeway traffic is behind us, and we pass wild rose bushes along the roadside...sporting their bright red rose hips.

A little further north lies a large field of nursery stock, belonging to Cannor Nurseries. While all other trees have long since lost their leaves, the stubborn oak is still hanging on!

I have no idea what this purple stuff is, growing in a roadside garden...any bit of colour is welcome at this time of the year!

We pass by a pet food manufacturing mill...our favorite three flags our flying high today.

We've reached the's time to turn around.

A jungle of cotoneaster (pronounced cot-tony-aster not cotton-easter, as I once thought!) provides a lovely ground cover and across the road...

...a meandering creek cuts through the farmlands.

As we prepare for a blast of winter...this shrub is preparing for spring!

We have walked 5000 steps and are almost back at home. There was little traffic...there were no other walkers...and other than the crisp winds, it was a pleasant walk! And if you care to join me again, we will choose a new route.

Have a wonderful day & stay warm!


  1. Way to Go! I loved your journey.
    I took a walk last night in those cold easterly winds and found it totally vigorating. It's so therapeutic.
    Now we need the hot chocolate and warm soup.
    I'll be walking a bit later today to John's parent's home for supper by your church.
    Have a great day!

  2. Way to go Judy! What a nice walk..thanks for sharing it via pics.

  3. Oh that north eastern was a blowing here too. Yikes. I sure admire your determination. I bet your lungs feel fantastic. Maybe one of these days, you and I and marg could do it together. That would be quite fun.

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  5. Taking a deep's been one of those days...yup, just deleted that comment...thought I had copied, but noooooo, that would've been too easy.

    Let me just start over and say that I loved that walk. Soooo gorgeous. I think I said something here about how my walk would be pitiful by comparison. I know that I thanked you for the proper way to pronounce cotoneaster, which is where I ran into trouble the first time. I closed with an admonition that if you, Marg, and Lovella go walking that the camera had better been in tow. There! I feel better now.

  6. Judy, what a lovely walk! I could almost feel that cold, bracing wind. And smell the clean, clean air. We miss that clean air down here in LA. Your photos are wonderful, and so is the scenery. Wish I was there; I'd join you on your walks, properly bundled up of course! Oh, and thanks for the correct pronunciation of cottoneaster - I never would have known!

  7. are made of heartier stuff than I! When it's cold and windy I just want to stay inside beside the fire! *lol* I so enjoyed your walk though. What a beautiful area you live in!


  8. Oh Judy, what a lovely walk! Be sure to take us along again sometime soon! Great pics!
    Sooo sorry about your smoking house mess... could have been so much worse... but still, what a hastle.
    Anyway, you've inspired me to get walking! Before I know it, our wonderful winter weather will turn into that miserable heat! Yikes!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson