Tuesday, January 22, 2008

have I got a deal for you!

I'm on the look-out for a tall (at least 8 feet) silk tree for one corner of our great room. Thinking that there might be a chance Liquidation World would have exactly what I was looking for at a bargain-basement price, I stopped by for a quick visit. Since there were no parking spots along the street, I parked in an almost vacant parking lot across the street (formerly the Safeway parking lot). I made a quick circle through the store, and found nothing remotely close to what I was looking for. However, I found some wonderful pitchers at $2.79 each.

The butter yellow one was just what I needed...but why not take an ivory one too, at that price? I ran back to the car, with my 'steal' in a bag. But wait...what was that under my wiper blade?

A parking ticket? I can't believe it! Since when have we had pay parking lots in our sleepy town? And who exactly would pay to park there? Well, I guess I will this one time...but never again!

Let's see...my pitchers now cost $12.79 each. Not such a steal anymore!


  1. Oooh not good:( Still not too bad a deal for the pitchers I'd say. And a lesson on where not to park..
    I have that pitcher too, mine is in cream color!

  2. That's terrible. I went there with my dil when they first started their new making money venture in that empty lot. . .first parked there and then debated and left the lot to find a free spot. I wasn't about to pay for a spot either when there is so much free parking still available. No wonder the lot was so empty eh?
    I'm glad at least you found a good deal, otherwise you would have paid for just browing. Window shopping gets expensive then.

  3. Ouch!! that hurt. Hope you put a little cow ___ on the money. Your Sis.

  4. My dear, please follow my advice. Write a very nice, but firm letter requesting that you be released from this ticket because there was no sign in the lot to say that you could not park there. You should also say something about safety issues of parking, it was a vacant lot, whatever you need to say. In fact, I feel so strongly about this that I could happily write up said letter and fire you a copy. Ohhhh, some things are just NOT to be tolerated.

  5. I guess I failed to mention that there are signs...just not any that I had seen! I took a quick look around once I had my ticket in hand, and sure enough...it's now a private lot.

  6. That's the irony of the whole story.
    I love that yellow pitcher. Great color.

    I can imagine you paid it already at your low discount eh?

  7. Ohhh, I'm so sorry!!! I've been watching the new A&E show about Meter Maids and towmen, make you laugh right out loud...unless it's you on the receiving end!! I'd take 'em to court!

  8. Now that just stinks! I probably would never have thought to look for signs! Sorry you had to deal with this...but so happy you got those cute pitchers!!



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