Friday, January 4, 2008's still Christmas!

Yesterday I was packing up Christmas decorations, and cleaning up the remnants of Christmas 2007. After spending way too much time unraveling a tangled web of mini lights, I thought I deserved a coffee break...and went to check my e-mail.

The first one I read was from Heidi:

I thought I'd give you a few days...but I still haven't received my cookbook updates. :(

Oh, oh! Every Christmas for the past ten or so years, I have been adding pages to a recipe book that I started for each of my kids. It's just a big binder, with the pages in 'page protectors'. Basically they are family favorite recipes, and every so often I get requests during the year. I was really on top of it this year, and had saved my recipes in a file...all ready to print off just before Christmas. I guess I was too busy blogging, because at the last minute I realized I hadn't printed off the pages. Oh well, Christmas came and went and no one seem to notice. Until now, that is.

Then there was another e-mail in my in-box from my sister, Mary Ellen:

Remember when you ordered dad’s books? This sounds dumb, but I thought dad was going to give us each one for Christmas? If dad isn’t going to give us each one I’ll order one for myself.

Oh, oh! In honour of my dad's 85th birthday back in September, I had made up a book for him which included photos and his life story. Dad was quite thrilled with his book, and got me to order one for each of us kids...that would be his Christmas gift to us. I told my siblings that they were each getting a book for Christmas, since they had all wanted to order one for themselves. When the books arrived, I immediately mailed the three to points afar off...and put mine on my coffee table for all to see!

But Dot and Mary Ellen would get theirs when we celebrated Christmas with Dad...New Year's Day, as it turned out. Dad opened his gifts, and it never occurred to me that no one else was opening gifts! It's really bad when people have to ask you for gifts they were counting on! I don't even have any excuse...I think I'm losing it.

But here's my suggestion. When is Ukrainian Christmas? I think we'll be celebrating it this and all!


  1. That is so funny. It's almost a little embarrassing about the gifts eh? Shows our age.

    Thanks for the great idea about recipes. I've started two books for my girls but garbaged them both yesterday because I think the binder idea is way better. Someone else suggested putting them on the computer and then they are there for good, pull them out and slip them into a clean page. Deal Done.

    Last night I put together my yellow Greendale cookbook into sleeves in a binder. Sure is cleaned up again.

  2. Oh dear! I'm sorry to be happy that you're "losing it," but I've been losing it so much lately that it's really not funny. You definitely are making me feel better. The good thing is that everything is handy and ready to go!

  3. Oh boy, I'm losing it so often. This makes me feel better. I have already found a few gifts that I guess will be give for the Ukranian Christmas.
    The reason I have put recipes on my blog is so that they can print out the ones they want for their binders. They look quite nice when their all done.

  4. yeah, now get me my updates. :)

  5. Well all is okay, do have time for Ukranian Christmas.
    My daughters and I have been working off and on with our recipes as well thinking it a neat idea to make into books for the family but the binder idea sounds better, definetly would be done quicker!
    Add me to the "loser group"...

  6. I am always buying gifts during the year, putting them away and then forgetting about them until January when I find them while cleaning out a cupboard! I did it this year and I'm sure next year will be the same. I vote for a Happy January 17th gift. No particular reason. Just tea with the girls and hand over the gifts! : )



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