Friday, January 18, 2008

gone...but not forgotten!

It was on this day twenty-four years ago, that my father-in-law passed away, following a lengthy illness. He was a godly man who left a wonderful legacy for his family. He was someone who had triumphed over many hardships in this life...he fled his homeland and came to Canada to start a new life when he was fifteen; he was unable to continue his education in this country and had to work hard all his life; he suffered a broken back two times; he lost the sight of one eye following a stroke and suffered severe headaches; he was traumatized by an anonymous stalker in his retirement years. But in all his trials he could always see the bright side. He had a sense of humour, he was kind and generous, he loved his wife and family more than words can express...and he loved God above all.

Dad was retired by the time I joined the family. Not one to be idle, he was always working on some project or other. He painted our fence, built our doghouse, refinished our antique dining room suite for us...and built all kinds of fun things for our kids to enjoy. Now, so many years later his great-grandchildren are enjoying those same toys!

The 'marble game' is a big hit with the little ones.

It seems he was fond of bright yellow and green!

The dollhouse was also in the trademark colour scheme, so I gave it a quick coat of something a little more nondescript.

Dad built this doll buggy for his first-born (that would make it close to seventy years old), so it's a real treasure. Ryder seems to think so too!

This bookcase (also a piece of his handiwork) is over fifty years old. The grandkids always know where to go to find their favorite book....

...and when they leave, it looks more like this!

Dad loved music and poetry...he was a fan of Hogan's Heroes and Lawrence Welk...he worked out at a gym in his later years...and enjoyed river fishing. He played the mandolin and always had lifesavers (and a jack-knife) in his pocket. Those are a few of my memories of a wonderful father-in-law and grandfather to my children.

His mandolin sits silent on our shelf...but his music plays on!


  1. Judy, your post was not only honouring to your father in law it was also so intersting. Wow, his life impacting you and your family in a nutshell. What a wonderful thing it is to leave behind hand made treasures for future generations. Enjoy your memoires today.
    I'm glad you are on the mend.

  2. Wow, what an amazing man Judy.
    And how wonderful that he left his hand print on all those treasures he made for all to remember and enjoy for years and years!
    Oh and Judy, Savers is like a Goodwill. And yes, the older the better! Love finding those old, well-made treasures!

  3. What a lovely tribute to your father in law! You are so blessed to have had him in your life! Continue the legacy!


  4. A great tribute to your father in law. I too have great memories of mine.
    My son loves marble mazes and has one built into his really is a neat thing.

  5. Wow, has it realy been that long ago? I too have great memories of grandpa... and my kids have also enjoyed the marble game he made for us. And of course you could ALWAYS count on a lifesaver from one of his pockets!!! (a real life saver during a long church service!!)
    I was at caprenwray in Sweden when he passed away, and I remember spending the day of his funeral walking down a beautiful snow covered country road while listening to Keith Green on my 'walkman'. Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

  6. Judy, we have jumped back into the past for today - I salute you for having been such a wonderful daughter-in -law to my parents. You were one of a kind, special delight. You phoned them every day, called on them, helped out where you could -- sure you said "you lived close by". Those of us in Kelowna noticed what you all did -- If ever someone treated their in-laws with love, dignity and respect, it was you and your family. God bless you always.
    Love, Vern and Martha

  7. 24 years? Wow. He really does live on in your home. I can't believe how many things are his handiwork. I just wish you still had that little table and chairs he built us!

  8. What a sweet post. Your father-in-law was a truly remarkable human being.

    Stalked? Wow! That is revolting. I am glad that he was able to look beyond his troubles.

    What an inheritance the little ones in the family have today...sweet treasures.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson