Wednesday, January 23, 2008

walkin' in the sunshine...

But don't be definitely need your woollies out there these days! These guys have the right idea...

...they seem oblivious to the cold wind!

I head south from my place this time...just farm buildings and ditches along this quiet stretch.

I walk to these towers and then turn back towards home.

I pass by a hammock blowing in the breeze...hammocks and popsicles seem somewhat out of season!

When I arrived back home, Broni and the kids came by and brought a treat...popsicles! They were all on the mend from the stomach she thought popsicles would be just the thing for them on such a nice sunny day.

Sunshine & popsicles on a cold winter day...uncommon pleasures!


  1. Oh those are gorgeous pictures with the snow dipped mountains in the background.
    Yes, popsicles and the chilly weather sure does seem an odd combinations but I do find that mommys are really clever now a days.

  2. Brrrrr! Popsicles and cold wind and snowy mountains. Those mountains are amazing the way they rear up from the flatlands like that. Beautiful photos. And interesting to see sheep in various stages of undress; I notice one or two appear to have been sheared and the others still have their warm woolen coats.

  3. I love the photography too and the pic of the sheep..they make me smile, we once tried our hand at sheep raising(in a small way), had never sheared sheep before and when the job was done we hoped that the 'embarrassed' sheep wouldn't run was not a pretty sight!! lol
    Popsicles..I like them too when my throat is sore.

  4. Popsicles on a January day changes things up quite a bit. Speaking of which, have you started to shift any furniture yet?

    Actually, I was very surprised that you don't often move furniture. To me that says that you are a stable, satisfied person. Still, a change now and then is a very pleasant thing.

    My favorite thing about that first photograph is the pop of red in that striking against all that blue and white!

  5. Mt.Cheam, I love her stately beauty no matter what time of year. I also get a kick out of Broni's beauty, with her gorgeous 3 children enjoying their popsicles.

  6. Hey, you're giving us a wonderful tour of the valley.
    Isn't it amazing how we're allowed to eat Popsicles in the winter?

    Ice-cream and popsicles were only for summer time when we were kids and so was DQ.

    How's your kitchen coming along?

  7. You know Judy, I was always afraid of those huge power towers...they still give me the shivers, on seeing that picture. Can't say why, I don't have a clue. Just know that as a child when we were traveling, I hid my head under a blanket till we were long past them...funny what you remember when you just chance upon something


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