Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Our blizzard conditions ended yesterday afternoon...a few bright spots appeared in the western sky...the wind died down and temperatures rose.
Why, it began to look like a fun place to play!

And what was that coming across the fields? An unfamiliar tractor was making it's way to my back door...

but the cargo being towed looked very familiar! As it turned out, our vintage Ford 8000 is in the repair shop for some much needed r & r (restoration and repair) the guys are trying out a few replacements in the meantime. Of course, it needed to be tested in the snow!

The girls seemed to be having a hoot...and came running to give Grammy the lowdown!

Some pursue happiness...

others create it!

They just popped by to share a little happiness...and then they were off to finish their test drive!


  1. Is that a Kubota tractor I see??
    That's our kind of tractor!
    Looks like a lot of fun for those kids..didn't you go for a 'spin' Judy??

  2. Judy, I know you're tired of the snow and if I lived there, I'm sure I would be, too. But I can't tell you how it makes me laugh to see those two sweeties playing in the snow, being pulled by a tractor, all that white bliss ready to saturate a dry earth...I love it, and love you for sharing!

  3. What great pictures!!! Beautiful clouds, and what a neat surprise to see your little ones coming in the snow. look at those little pink cheeks! Very cute! Vickie

  4. What beautiful company!

    Those clouds roiling up in the first scene look impressive...more snow in them?

  5. Wow does that bring back memories! those two are so cute.

  6. So so wonderful to see those little children laughing and having fun. What a gift to have them so close .. .

    Enjoy one more snow day.

  7. Oh now that is a wonderful way to enjoy the snow. Boy you've got a bunch...

  8. What memories!! I was saying today, that Levi probably doesn't know what tobogannig is.
    I'll have to see if he will keep his mittens on long enough.
    Yesterday was an amazing day for pictures. You caught that sun and we were just having a bowl of soup at the Wildcat when the sun appeared.
    Don't you love the snow?? I do...

  9. Hi Judy..I love your snow! Wish I had THAT much!!

    I wanted to pop in and say Thank you for visiting me recently and for your nice comment...I would love to pop back in and visit you again!

  10. Oh, they look like they are having so much fun! I can remember being pulled around on a sled when I was little! So much fun!! Thanks for sharing the pics!



'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson