Friday, January 25, 2008

wash away the january blues...

As we read this morning's devotional from 'Our Daily Bread', we had a good laugh. It begins by pointing out that British scientists have calculated the most depressing time of the year to come in the third week of January. Hmmm...maybe they have a point!

But we're working hard at washing away all those winter blues. After a day of dealing with my 'spring cleaning' issues...we had a most fun and relaxing time soaking away our temporary problems at the hot pools of Harrison Hot Springs Resort.

If you saw a promo that read...

"Relaxation awaits at Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa. Set against the spectacular snow-capped mountains of Southwestern British Columbia, you'll find the source of all that relaxes you. From our soothing hot spring pools that delight visitors of all ages to our tranquil Healing Springs Spa, everything you need to surround yourself in comfort is found here....let relaxation wash over you."

...would you not be inclined to gather your loved ones and head right over?

It is a most wonderful spot right on our doorstep. Here's the catch though...the pools are for hotel guests only. Unless of course you happen to know that in the third week of January the austere public pool is closed for maintenance, and the public may instead use the resort pools.

Wahoo! At the end of the day, our kids and grandkids joined us for a grand time at this wonderful resort located at the southern tip of beautiful Harrison Lake.

A jogger was enjoying an early evening run on the beach (which reminded me that it has been several days since I've even thought about walking!)...

...but across the road the resort pools were calling! We announced our intentions at the reservation counter, only to be told that the public was not allowed in after 4:30 pm (that was an hour ago). Excuse me? We had driven all this way, with the whole gang and now were being turned away? We then tried booking a day room...that would make us hotel guests and permit us to use the pools. Sorry...the hotel has no vacancies tonight. By this time the staff took pity on us, and made an exception to the rules which are normally written in stone...and allowed us in to use their wonderful pools. People are nice!

We had such a good time in the outdoor pools! Emme & Spencer are practising their swimming skills...they were thrilled that they could touch bottom everywhere this year.

Here's all my girls in the 'tepid water' pool....while the guys are scalding themselves in the HOT pool. We all had a great evening...washed away all our cares for a few hours!

As we were ready to leave the resort, Ryder noticed his boots were like Uncle Tim' cool is that? Oh...oh. He'd had just a little too much fun and excitement today (or maybe swallowed a little too much water), and suddenly his 'stomach flu' returned with a vengeance.

When all else fails, Emme's bathrobe does the trick. Ryder was quite happy with the arrangement...Emme, not so much. Daddy called him Ryder Hefner!?! And since we were all starving, we stopped for a bite to bathrobe and all!

So if you are having the 'third week of January blues'...gather your family and have some fun!


  1. Judy..I did think about you when we read the daily would know firsthand, right! lol
    Those pools are so fun, esp with family!

  2. Sounds heavenly! We have no such thing here. How far is it from here to there? LOL!

    Hope that the little fella is feeling a whole lot better soon.

  3. Isn't that the truth about Harrison. That's my favorite hang-out place when I need some R&R.
    I've been on your site for recipes' today...Yummy! Tried the ice-cream cake, turkey casserole and now your cauliflower soup. I got Levi, so I may as well cook.

  4. Oh boy, I've been longing for a soak in those pools. Next year . ..since you know the drill . ..give us the warning of the third week of January rules. I would have gone on Wednesdays date day. Oh shucks.
    We love it there.
    I'm glad they made a rule exception for you poor smoked out folks.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson