Thursday, June 12, 2008

awards ceremony....

June... it's time for commencement exercises and awards ceremonies. Don't you just love sitting through hours of speeches and presentations? Here's what I've figured out...they are much more enjoyable for those who are getting an award...

...unless of course, you are the Grammy!

Well, I'm inviting you to a short and sweet award ceremony today. I stopped by Vee's blog yesterday, only to discover she had honoured me with an award. How special is that? Thanks so much, Vee. Now it is my pleasure to pass this award along to other bloggers who are an inspiration to me..who are artistic & creative...and since Vee already has included many of my picks on her list...and I wouldn't want to leave anyone are all going home with an art award today! (Is this starting to sound a little like the non-competive sport days where we all get a 'participation' ribbon?) It has been my pleasure to visit so many wonderfully creative blogs and I've learned so much from all of today you all take home a trophy!

And for all of you who have showed up for today's ceremony, I would like to pass along a bouquet of roses...not just any roses, but award winning, fragrant roses growing freely in my neighbourhood. Wild roses have to be the best! They are blooming profusely along the roads despite that we have had the coldest June on record since 1937...and plenty of rain to go with it. The fragrance of wild roses always take me back to my childhood...where they grew freely along the railroad tracks behind our home. So grab a bouquet...and drink in the scent.

Oh yes...and have a cup of coffee and a cinnamon twist before you leave. If you enjoy them...the recipe is posted right here!

Now that the awards ceremony is over and done with...go out and enjoy your day!


  1. What darling little girls! Those little graduation memories are the best. Your have a lovely blog and I enjoy my visits. The picture of the roses is breathtaking. God is so good and He gives us so much.

  2. Oh Judy .. I have much to look forward to. I can well imagine that I'll be sitting through a few award ceremonies myself. Our parents were always very faithful to attend our boys award ceremonies and I so appreciate that they did.
    I remember the wild rose that my mom had growing on purpose at the end of our driveway. . it had a small old wire fence and a very large post .. Oh it would make a gorgeous picture. .

    I love how you handled passing on the award. . smart gal you are.

  3. I would love some wild roses right about now - but maybe they are a little too soft and subtle for this harsh, bright land I live in now. Somehow I don't remember them growing along the tracks - although I certainly remember lots of other things about the tracks (like a certain little girl sliding off the old horse-proofed gate and ripping her palm open on a barb). I very much enjoy my daily visit to your blog - and all the blog commentators!

  4. Precious little girls...look at those ittle happy faces :)

    I'm right there with you about the wild roses...they smell wonderful ....and are so beautiful...

  5. Congratulations, and you've made me feel like Queen for the Day. I have roses, awards, cinnamon rolls and coffee. Don't tell anyone, but I'm wearing my tiara, too.

    This grandmom loves award ceremonies, too.

  6. I could handle an award every day from you, but better yet, in real at Starbucks or a walk.
    What a wonderful way to celebrate with your girls.
    The buns look terrific. Mine are all gone.

  7. The gals are getting cuter I do believe, but I am not sure how that is even possible.

    This is the second time that I've been tempted by the cinnamon twists. The first time I had rhubarb platz on my mind, but now I may have to return to get this recipe. Ackkkk! You Mennonite gals have a secret for staying so thin???

    Somehow some wild roses have invaded my garden so I may see blooms; I do see buds. I hope that they smell sweet.

    Hope that your weather warms up...cold in June is no fun.

  8. Hi Judy,
    What cute little granddaughters you have.
    Your wild rose picture with the mountains in the background is just beautiful. What lovely views you have from you front porch too.
    The cinnamon twists look delicious. I think I need to try that recipe.
    Hope it warms up for you soon.

  9. Just to let Bev know that the wild roses grow in Alberta, where it can get cold, so maybe they will grow where she lives, too! Just take shoots from a thriving plant. I love the scent of ours, as I do outside chores. We have some blue sky and warmth today, and I had lunch outside at the picnic table with my son! The sun was so bright, we could hardly read our magazines! Wow.

  10. What a nice post. And those cinnamon twists look scrumptious.

    I have several wild roses in my yard and they are just starting to bloom. I must remember to go out and sniff them.

  11. Oh my goodness Judy....those girls are lovely. You must be so proud. What a wonderful grandma you are...all your posts tell us so!
    Yum...and I have to laugh and laugh at Vee's comments...ha! I too cannot keep up with all the different recipes coming fast and furious on the Mennonite Gals Can Cook blog. But it is like reading a wonderful magazine...I love to browse.

    Just like your beautiful posts Judy...and thanks for the roses.

  12. Sweet photo of the little girls!

    I really like the wild rose scene, too. Ours aren't blooming yet. The wild rose is the state flower of Iowa!

  13. What a pretty post. I have to say that not only are the girls adorable, but the cup and plate are, too!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson