Friday, June 6, 2008

Let's Take a Trip ~ Reader's Choice

So where is it that like to go on vacation? What are your favorite travel destinations? I answered! It's been great to see all the wonderful places my blogging friends have visited (links to all the places on the tour are listed at bottom of this post.) But today I am going to share with you a few of the travel picks of my non-blogging friends, relatives and faithful blog readers.

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The Kootenays of B.C.

Lynn lives in Trail, British Columbia...and has visited many places, including England and Australia. But she didn't have to look too far to find her favorite spot...a place she keeps going back to. Christina Lake is considered the Oasis of the Kootenays...and is one of B.C.'s best kept secrets.

The Trans Canada Trail, Dewdney Trail and the Kettle Valley Railroad Trail all merge at Christina Lake, attracting visitors to the area from around the world.

Christina Lake is reputed to be the warmest tree lined lake in Canada. Lynn took this photo of her travel pick in early May...check out Christina Lake.

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Palm Springs

Linda lives in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia...and has travelled to many destinations around the world. But her top pick would be Palm Springs...since she returns to the same place every spring with the whole family (which seems to be growing every year). Today she would like us to join her in visiting Indian Canyon and Joshua Tree National Park...both in the Palm Springs area. She says...

Last year, while in Palm Springs, I went on a hike with my son-in-law Graham and grandson Adam. There is a delightful place just south of Palm Springs called Indian Canyon. We hiked where the Indians used to live in the summertime, as there is running water and lots of trees.

Here is another favorite place that I like to visit. The kids already say, "Oh no, Mom wants to go to Joshua Tree again!"

Just about an hour away from Palm Springs is Joshua Tree National Park. It seems you are on another planet. The rock formations are so unusual. They have been pushed up from under the earth's surface. It was quite windy last year...but sunny. The tree blossoms were there to enjoy. I hope to drag the family there again next year. ~Linda
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Bev lives in McAllen, Texas...a vacation destination for many northerners throughout the winter months. South Padre Island is right nearby...and in her backyard are orange and grapefruit groves. Her favorite pick for our vacation tour is a Mexican road trip...

In Mexico the best trip is to drive the old highway (not toll) from Mexico City to Cuernavaca, where you stop to have "cafe con leche" at an open air restaurant around the central plaza. There are many foreigners living in this city and many international students studying Spanish. It's a beautiful city with an interesting history and colonial buildings, full of flowers yearround. You then drive on towards Acapulco, passing miles of fields of roses, gladiolas, freesias, carnations, etc., and vendors along the highway willing to sell fresh flowers by the bale! You have to stop at Taxco - the city built on mountainsides, where most streets are passable only one-way by a VW beetle or by foot (hard to drive a car up stairs!). It's the center of Mexico's silver-smithing and jewellery trade.

Eventually you get to Acapulco. I've been there in all kinds of weather, even during a hurricane, and for me there is no vacation spot that compares - but that's because I speak Spanish and have usually been there with Mexican friends. The best way to visit any place in the world is to visit a friend who lives there. The scenery and customs are made memorable by the company!
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Whistler, B.C. & Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Martha lives in Kelowna, B.C...and has enjoyed Hawaiian vacations and a Caribbean cruise, but some of her favorite places are right here in Canada.

She thinks Whistler is a wonderful place to visit...and (clear across the country) another top choice would be Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.

Other Canadian places that got her vote were...the parliament buildings in Ottawa, the farms in the countryside of Quebec, the Confederation Bridge of PEI and Niagara Falls.

And she never mentioned her home town, but Kelowna is also a wonderful vacation spot with lakes, parks, orchards and wineries.

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The Netherlands
Mary (who signs her comments as 'dairymary') lives on a dairy farm in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. She writes...

Our family has had a reunion every 5 years since 1989, in Canada, The Netherlands, or the last one, in New Zealand!
My sisters and I, with some of their spouses and children, are planning to attend the Holland one this summer.
There are plans for about 150, with half from foreign lands. (France, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland).
Afterwards, 5 of us also plan to do a cycle trip there for 5 days.

My mother's family home is still there and I plan to ride a cycle past it again
. ~Mary
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And so ends a wonderful week of travels! Thanks so much to all of wonderful tour guides...for taking us to places which we can only dream of. But keep dreaming...that's where the next trip always begins!
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  1. Looking at all the beautiful photos that Judy and others have posted this week, we can see what a wonderful beautiful world that
    God our creator made. Let us enjoy it, and look after it. Thank you Judy, for all your efforts this week! Dairymary

  2. Thank you Judy for your travel posts as well as all the others, it was so interesting to read about all these places. A splendid travelogue..

  3. Judy. . isn't it wonderful to provide these opportunities for non blogger girls? I have a big opporutunity for you and your non blogger friends brewing in a pot over at my blog.
    Thank you so much for hosting this week. . it is quite a bit of extra work. . isn't it? So fun though. . you did an excellent job.

  4. Well it has been a super fun week. I get quite emotional thinking about the beauty that I've seen via these wonderful blogs and bloggers. Thanks to each and every one for participating.

    Your family has some wonderful choices! It really has been an "around the world" event. Of all that have been mentioned by your family, I can only attest to Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, which is a secluded, windy, kinda wild sort of place. Lovely!

  5. Forgot to say THANK YOU to the one who pulled it all together and so beautifully! Thanks, Judy!!!

  6. Judy...thanks again for hosting this over to Lovella's interesting one brewing. Grad dress?!!!!

    Thanks also for posting the are such a sweetheart to think of everyone.

    Have a great soggy weekend!....Me? If the rain keeps up it will be ideal for Chem Sunday. Fortunately I have 'dumped' all my extra baking at the office where staff have consumed it all ... now my empty larder can be filled once more...betty r...where are you?!

  7. Judy this is just a fabulous post. I enjoyed it so very much! Wonderful places and photos.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Judy, this has been the best blog week ever. Many thanks to you and all of the other travelers.

    You have convinced me that BC is one of the most beautiful places anywhere.

  9. That was fascinating, thank you! I've only visited Vancouver and smithers, and missed the bits in between....though one year we did the Inside Passage trip which was truly amazing. Canad is a beautiful country.

  10. Judy, what an incredible idea to give us all an opportunity to share our favorite travel spots. It has been amazing to visit all these parts of the world. Thank you. Love you. Martha

  11. Thank you for sharing all those wonderful trips and photos. That was so much fun!

  12. Thanks Judy! This was fun and I'm honored you included me!

    I've seen so many beautiful places in everyone's blogs and now today even non are so kind.


    Pat in NY

  13. I will echo others in saying its very thoughtful of you to include the travel info and lovely photos from your nonblogging friends!

    The week's worth of travel posts have been most interesting and enjoyable! Thank you!!

  14. Becoming the TravelAgent is quite Becoming of you my friend! Lovely post

  15. Thank-you Judy for sharing and taking the effort to coordinate all those wonderful travelling stories of so many bloggers and non-bloggers.
    You really put the hum into alot of us and I think many of us have made some new friends.
    Thanks and what's next?

  16. Loved all your travel posts! I was hoping to send something in, but all my blog posts about traveling are lacking, and I couldn't find the time to put something decent together, like everyone else. But I enjoyed those posts so much, and I have a list of places I need to get to now!


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