Friday, June 13, 2008

honouring dad...

I was planning a tribute to my dad today...with whom I will be spending some time this weekend. But then I thought that I really should honour all the dads that are so near and dear to me!

For the first twenty years of my dad was there for me. He told me lots of stories (some scary...some true); rescued me from many dangers (real and perceived); he taught be how to play ball and how to ride bike; he attempted to teach me to drive; he taught me to work and to play...that life was to be enjoyed. He loved me...although that was something that was rarely talked about in my home.

For the next twenty-five years of my life there was another dad that was number one...and that was the father to my children. It was his turn to love, mold and teach...and how quickly those years flew by.

He built sandboxes and tree forts...and took the boys fishing.

And then along came Heidi...daddy's little girl. She was always full of vim and vigor and had her dad wrapped around her little finger for the most part.

He taught the kids to work hard...and to laugh and enjoy life. And he modelled the faith of his father before out his relationship with God. He was a good dad to our children...and for that I would like to say thanks to my hubby.

And now my sons are both fathers. What a special privilege and an awesome responsibility! How strange and wonderful it is to see those little boys all grown up...and interacting with their own children. Kris loved to read...and knew his books inside out...and collected shelves full of books.

Now I see him reading books to his daughter...who loves books more than any toys.

And not so many years ago, I watched Jeremy playing in the pasture with his German Shepherd dog Mindy and his cat Larry...

...and now I see him walking through the fields with his children. And I am proud of them both as dads...and will pray for them, as their job has just begun.

So to all the dads in my life...Happy Father's Day and I love you all! And I'm off to Shuswap Lake for the weekend to spend some time with two of those dads.

It looks like my dad is hoping to play can never be too old for ball! And I'm sure he'll be planning to tell lots of stories...some may even be true. The sun is going to shine (that's wishful thinking)...and I'm looking forward to a wonderful time.

Have a wonderful Father's Day weekend...


  1. Judy, this is such a wonderful tribute to the dads in your life.

    My husband and son are both wonderful fathers. And, my daddy was the greatest.

    This is always a bittersweet time for me. I miss my father so.

  2. Oh Judy...wonderfully done. I too want to do a tribute this weekend....Happy Father's day to your men.

  3. Judy, What a wonderful tribute to all the important Dad's that you love. last year I put the words to the song. . Just a Few Good Men for Fathers Day .. I could repost this one, I still feel the same, we are so blessed. Have a wonderful time away. It looks like the weather will be perfect.

  4. A very nice tribute to the dads! Had you noticed that Dad's using a baseball glove in that picture? It looks as though his hand barely fits into it. Remarkable hands that created, fixed, carried, spanked, painted, greased, milked cows - and even once in a very great while washed dishes! Have a fun-in-the-sun fathers' weekend!

  5. Love this tribute to all the dads in your life. I am planning a tribute this weekend, too. I'm sure that there will be many to read and enjoy, but this one is special. Thank you!

  6. Have a wonderful weekend, and I love the way you honored the men in your life. Great Tribute.
    Have a great weekend with all those special men.

  7. Hi Judy,
    Beautifully worded and your pictures are great.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    PS: Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

  8. A very nice tribute to the Dads in your life.
    Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there!

  9. What a wonderful post Judy...Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies out there, because nearly everyman can be a father but it takes someone special to be a Daddy!

  10. What a wonderful tribute. I also have a son and this what very moving to read. Your little granddaughter with the book has the face of an angel!

  11. Yes, I echo all the above.....what a lovely tribute to the dads in your life! They sound very special!

  12. How lovely Judy. Sadly my daad died when I was only 6, so I havent had that privilege of knowing a father. But yours sounds such fun!

  13. Judy..this was such a beautiful tribute to the dad's in your are truly blessed my friend...

  14. Judy, this is a beautiful tribute to all the wonderful Dad's in your life! Hope you all enjoy a happy day!

  15. Great tribute!! Happy Father's Day!

    kari & kijsa

  16. Judy such a lovely tribute to all the dads in your life! You are so blessed! Enjoy!



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