Tuesday, June 24, 2008

celebrating the little joys in life....

Since I'm sure you are all just wondering why I would be so thrilled to have a large post in my backyard...and what it could possibly be used for...I thought I better invite you to join me in 'the inauguration of the pole'.

Once we were sure that the post would stay in an upright position, I got up on the ladder and gave it a quick coat of paint. Before the paint was dry, the hardware was being attached. So that was how we spent last Friday night...the longest day of the year. When we had the post ready for action...we rewarded ourselves with a DQ treat and hoped for sunny skies on Saturday so we could give the pole a trial run.

The sun didn't really come through for me...but it wasn't raining...and we had wind...so I thought I'd try out my new washline with a load of white linens. Yahoo! I am so happy to have a washline...and am so looking forward to line-dried sheets. I would have loved to give the swings a good trial run also...but was informed it might be better to allow the concrete footing to set for a few days. Okay.

So yesterday was the big day...inauguration ceremony for the post. As you know, one always invites friends and dignitaries to join in on such celebrations...and I was all ready for the event.

So who exactly joined me for the celebration? Two of my bloggy friends were more than happy to do the honours...

...and Marg and Lovella showed up at 'my front porch' at the appointed time. We obviously don't need much of an excuse to have a party...and a new washline/swing seemed like a good enough reason!

First it was off to the Wildcat Grill for lunch out on the patio. We had a lot of things to chat about...since it's not often that we actually meet in person (this was in fact a first for the three of us!).

From there it was back to the business at hand. The swing had a good workout...and was given the stamp of approval. It's a good thing to have friends share in those little joys of life...what a fun time we had!

They were no sooner gone, than I saw my grandkids coming across the field. They have been eagerly awaiting the completion of the new swings, and were coming to check them out...

...and that they did. What fun!

Emme lost one of her front teeth a few days ago...and she found a four leaved clover near the swing...so it's all good.

The girls picked the first few ripe raspberries in my garden......and raided the strawberry patch.

So now you know the full story of post in my back yard. Most of you had it all figured out (a few were a little off the mark)...but I thank you all for your interest. And I especially want to thank my hubby who made it happen...and my friends and family who came to check it out yesterday!

Have a wonderful day,


  1. I love everything..the swing and clothesline!!! I love the smell of linens after they have been washed on the clothesline. In Newfoundland growing up, we always had a clothesline...but not here in Edmonton though (we live in a condominium)
    Maybe I'll get to see ya some day in the future when I go visit my parents in Abbotsford!


  2. What fun to see the three of you together and giving those swings a trial run!

    The grands are going to have such fun!

    Your new haircut looks terrific, Judy!

  3. It's wonderful - and perfect - and fun. How nice to smell those sweet clean sheets.

    The celebration and dedication look great, and it appears it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

  4. Oh Judy, I smiled at your pictures and wow I feel so special that I got the first swing. I bet your grandkids were happy to see the dust from our tires go down the road. How absolutley charming you are as a host. I couldn't wait to get home and try to see if I could manage the hobby you should us.
    Your home is lovely and so are you.
    Thank you again for being so welcoming. I'm a terrible drawer but I sketched your home for Terry.

  5. Love it, love it love it!

    Now if you could just figure out how to get the laundry to hang itself up while you swing! Sounds like something from Cinderella or Mary Poppins.

    Now you are also an official member of the RLFOL (real life friend of Lovella!) Lucky us!

  6. How wonderful to have "bloggy" friends drop in on you...what a wonderful swing...I want one , lol...I love my bedclothes hung out, that first night back on the bed is the best! hugs

  7. That was so fun, especially when we drove on the yard way and the juice was sitting there in a nice classy tray.
    Your home is so welcoming Judy and we felt it the minute we drove on your yard and now we know why those grandkids come over to play,
    A day to remember.

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  9. Judy, what an absolutely fabulous day. You guys look like you were having so much fun. The swing is huge. I can just smell those sheets. What a glorious fragrance fresh sheets give after flying around all afternoon in the wind. Your house looks like fun. I want to be there :)

  10. what fun! i loved your pictures!

  11. Oh Judy...you are such a writer. Goodness...what a great post and just reading all three of yours posts was so much fun, each of you writing in your own style but obviously all blessed by your time together. Swings...so that is it! What a great idea. And you KNOW I love freshly sun dried sheets! Soooooo nice.
    Thanks for the wonderful post.

  12. What a fun post! I love the swings, wow what a wonderful idea, I might have to copy this some day at our new place. Lord knows we have plenty of room.

    So much fun to see the other ladies too, I didn't realize they lived in your area, what a treat all the way around!!

    Wish I was there, pout!

  13. What a wonderful day you girls had. Still wishing! This morning we had an errand to run and drove drove by where I think you live. I had a foggy idea, but I think I got it pegged down. I saw the pole and the yellow seats. No clothes to dry today? Truly just a stones throw and abit away from us. looks like the girl came out in you three. Life is worth sharing. Kathy

  14. How funny that you have a new clothes line when mine recently came apart! I am missing my clothes line sooo much! Yours is beautiful! You have every reason to celebrate Judy!

    Here in Arizona I can literally take the last wash off the line by the time the next load needs to be hung! This dry heat dries clothes real fast!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson