Saturday, June 28, 2008

making hay while the sun shines...

I was thinking about the lazy days of summer...but not just yet.
There's hay to be made!

We are off to the desert for Canada Day (forecast to be the hot spot in Canada), but there's no leaving yet...when the sun is shining, we have to bale hay.

I went out to the field to deliver drinks...

...things definitely go better with coke when you are stacking hay in the heat of the day.

I know the pictures make it all look quite appealing...but loading hay bales is actually not a whole lot of fun. Let's just say, there's no need to go to a gym once the job is done!

Once the hay is all in the barn...I hear the corn needs to be sprayed as well. Oh well...I'll start packing.

Whatever your plans are for the weekend...have a good one!


  1. Have a great weekend :) and Canada Day!!! I have to start my Canada Day decorating! And bake a Canada day cake too!
    Candy :)

  2. Boy that is one thing about farming. . when the weather is nice. . the work needs to be done. On a hot day like today. . we'd love to run to the beach . .but we should stick close to the barns. .
    Have a wonderful time in the desert.

  3. Lots of work, but at least there are plans for fun. Have a happy Canada Day.

  4. Oh Judy..the hay looks so nice...I can almost smell it...and the mountains in the background are just gorgeous...have a wonderful weekend..

  5. wow, farming.. from a girl who gre up on a island.. have seen much of this --EVER :) nice view :)

  6. Know all about 'hay making' and no it's not as pleasant as it looks..I remember those days of working in the fields getting 'hot and sticky and scratchy' from handling the hay bales!
    My Dad always said that 'we have to make hay while the sun shines', I guess that was every farmer's motto.
    Have a great weekend and Happy Canada Day!

  7. My mother always remembers haying fondly. So coke has taken over for iced tea and lemondade or just plain sugar water? ;>

  8. It does look like hard work. Farmers are the hardest workers on earth I think, but the rewards of living a life close to nature must also be very sweet.

    Happy Canada Day!

  9. Oh, fun to see the hay-baling scenes! Glad to see you had a nice sunny day for it. And, once again I'll say it, because it looks so unique and appealing for this Iowa person to see....those mountains in the background, watching over your fields....simply beautiful!!


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