Thursday, June 26, 2008

snow-capped peaks and ice-cream cones...

Yesterday was a beautiful day...sunny and breezy. Towards evening we took a drive out to the eastern valley to check up on our friends who are in the process of moving into in their lovely new the shadow of Mt. Cheam.

We were looking forward to the tour...but had to be satisfied with peeking in windows, since there was no one around. We'll be back for the guided tour sometime soon!

We took the scenic route home and passed by acres and acres of nursery stock and greenhouses. Once see my favorite mountain peak in the background. Mt. Cheam is in the northernmost part of the Cascade mountain range (elevation 6929 feet)...and dominates the skyline of the eastern Fraser Valley.

As you can see, there is still plenty of snow on the mountains. I always laugh at hubby's story that as a child he wasn't allowed to have ice-cream until all the snow had disappeared from Mt. Cheam. I'm thinking it would have been a pretty short ice-cream season some years! The last time I hiked Mt. Cheam we slid down snowy slopes near the summit in August...and by the end of September the snow could be falling once again.

He can count himself lucky that he is no longer under those rules...or he would still be waiting for his cone. As it is...he has ice-cream whenever he so desires. Ah...what freedom we enjoy!

Have a wonderful day...


  1. What a beautiful area you live in Judy. Even an evening drive brings so much beauty into your posts. Lucky us that we can be 'back seat' drivers.

  2. Frugal parents your in-laws! LOL!

    Your friends' new home is lovely; I am certain that you'll enjoy the tour.

    The mountain is beautiful with or without snow.

  3. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos, Judy! We enjoyed some of that scenery this past week..oh yes and ice cream too!

  4. Between you and Marg, you are making me want to visit BC. Maybe one of these days. Everything looks so beautiful.

  5. Oh Judy...I've been catching up on all your lovely post...the clothes line with the swings...perfect! the lavender is just gorgeous...I can hardly imagine seeing snow capped mountains during the beautiful that must be.....To have blogging friends visit...priceless! Good blessings for the day my friend...

  6. You have such gorgeous scenery at your doorstep. I'm glad my parents didn't hear about the rule of icecream. . I'm glad you are more lenient with your rules too.
    Your grandkids are probably happy about this too.

  7. I had never heard that comment about ice-cream and Mt. Cheam. When was the last time you hiked that mountain?
    Wouldn't that be a fun thing to do sometime in fall?

  8. What a gorgeous section of the world to live looks so cool and soothing...beautiful shots!

  9. Such beautiful mountains! My son lives near the Rockies and there is still snow on some of the high peaks too.

    Glad you hubby is allowed ice cream now before the melt! :-)

    Hugs, Pat

  10. I really like the house colors your friends picked for their new house. Nice

    I'm still trying to decide what colors to do on ours... :/

  11. Such a gorgeous corner of the world you're in! No wonder that's your favorite mountain peak! I'm thinkin', as a child, I may have found a way around the no ice cream rule! He must have never gotten ice cream, poor soul! LOL!
    Have a great weekend!


  12. He wasn't allowed to eat ice cream?? Can you imagine grandma wiebe telling me I couldn't have ice cream WHENEVER I wanted it. the rules had relaxed by the time I came around.

    I miss her.


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