Monday, June 2, 2008

The West Coast...Vancouver & Whistler, B.C.

Welcome to Day 1 of 'Let's Take a Trip'! We are looking forward to visiting lots of interesting places this week. Why not join in the fun and be a tour guide? Simply do a travel post and send me the link (by e-mail or as a comment). I will display all travel links at the bottom of my post every day. Enjoy the tour!

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Since we are inviting the world to come visit us in a few years...I thought I should start my week of travel adventures by featuring Vancouver/Whistler. We sometimes fail to see what we have in our own today we will take a peek at the beauty that lies right here.

Two years ago, we decided to be tourists at home! We packed up the RV and our bikes...and spent a few days camping in Vancouver (sometimes the country girl likes to go the the city).

We live so close and yet had never visited many of the well-known attractions in the Vancouver area. We camped at Capilano RV Park, situated right beneath the Lion's Gate Bridge...and from there we pedalled across the bridge and around the Stanley Park seawall. Stanley Park is the jewel of Vancouver...1000 forested acres close to the downtown area. The seawall is a six-mile long paved walkway that follows the shore of the peninsula around Stanley Park. It's a wonderful place to be on a warm June evening...together with all those who are walking, jogging and rollerblading.

A beautiful spot on Vancouver's north shore is Lighthouse Park...the home of one of Canada's first manned light stations. Point Atkinson was originally charted and named by George Vancouver in 1792.

We reached the viewpoint after a short hike...and spent some time just sitting on the cliffs and watching the sailboats in the strait below.

Next we were off to Lynn Canyon. Here's the fun actually cross the canyon on a suspension bridge built in 1912. It jiggles with every step and you need to exercise a little faith when crossing...

...since it is a 166 foot drop to the the river below.

The view is fantastic...and there are lots of hiking trails in this area (through old growth forest)...also a wonderful visitor centre.

We visited Deep Cove...a beautiful little village hidden at the entrance to Indian Arm and just twenty minutes from Vancouver.

Surrounded by mountains, forests and oceans, it's a charming little place with beautiful waterfront parks and eclectic shops. And of course, we stopped for a Honey's donut! I'd heard about their amazing donuts several times...and then noticed that 'eating a Honey's donut' was included in the list of '100 things to do in B.C. before you die'. So I can now cross that off my list...and tell you that the trip is worth it, for the donut alone!

And so ended the Vancouver portion of our trip! And that's how a country girl visits the city...she hikes, bikes and eats...and stays away from the hustle and the bustle (at least on this particular tour).

Our next stop was one and a half hours up the rugged coast to Whistler. I have been here on many occasions...even bringing our kids here to ski when it was still affordable. I love to visit Whistler in the summer months...and hike a little...and watch the bikers coming down the mountain... and sit at the outdoor restaurants and watch the people that come from all over the globe.

The ride to the top of the mountain is is the view from the top.

This Inukshuk stands as a symbol of welcome at the very peak...all the more significant since it is now the face of the 2010 Olympic Games. We truly felt like we were at the top of the world...looking down on creation.

We ended our stay at Whistler with this mountaintop experience...and vowed we would return soon with hiking gear and and some time to spare. The rest of the world will be here in 2010...but come anytime. It's a wonderful place to be!

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  1. Hi, Judy!

    I enjoyed touring Vancouver and Whistler with you! Especially amazed by the 1000 acres of woods in the city......(the "1000 acre wood".....what story is that from? I just can't recall.)

    Your photos are lovely and your descriptions took me right along to all the great sights. That "Inukshuk" welcoming rock sculpture is intriguing.....and the little rock stacks, too.....I like to make those here at home.

    Here's my travel post:

    Thanks for taking us on your journey!!

  2. Judy, these pictures just take my breath away. Everything is so incredibly beautiful.

    Thanks for doing this. I will check out the other posts.

  3. Oh your Vancouver pictures were just wonderful. You could have them in a tourist magazine.
    I'll join the fun during the week too.

  4. This is a great idea Judy....I will have something to look forward to after a hard day at work...reading my tour guide magazine!!!! Thanks

  5. What a wonderful tour, Judy although I don't do heights very well and the suspension bridge..oh oh..

  6. Thanks Judy!
    Sometimes the best places on earth are right under our feet -- you live in a spectacular place! Vancouver looks so beautiful and your photos are stunning! I've never been there so I enjoyed seeing it through your eyes.

    Did you see the suspension bridge on my blog under "Carrick -A-Rede"? It was so scary when the wond was blowing!

    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's journeys.

    Hugs, Pat

  7. Thank you for the VC visit. When we have been to visit my daughter in Smithers BC we have often taken a few days exploring VC and loved every moment. that wonderful market, Grouse Mountain, Stanley Park with the black squirrels...I could go on and on!

  8. You have motivated me, so guess where I'm off to this weekend?
    We're packing up our bikes to travel to the Olympic Site for 2010.
    I'm hoping others will be inspired.

  9. Ah Judy...thank you for taking me away from this 90s something degree weather for just a few moments...your photos are fantastic...

  10. Beautiful photos and a great idea! I really enjoyed looking at the different trips. I may link up something later in the week. Thanks!

  11. Judy, I have never been to the Northwest but your photos have inspired me to consider the cross-country trip! They are amazing! I've posted too. Please stop by and see where my tour went. Thanks for such a fun way to share. ~Kathy

  12. Thank you for sharing Vancouver with us. It's such a beautiful city, which I truly hope to see one day with my own two eyes. I love the Inukshuk pics, too.

  13. I always enjoy visiting B.C., but haven't been there lately. Your photos are lovely.


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