Monday, June 23, 2008

the great garden escape...

Do you ever drive by the lovely places in your community and wonder what their backyard might look like? Once a year, I get to tour some of the lovely gardens behind those beautiful facades.

One of the rotary clubs in our community sponsors an event called "The Great Garden Escape". With the purchase of a ticket (proceeds to the Rotary Club) we are given admission to some of the beautiful gardens in our area and can tour these places at our leisure. Along with two of my sisters, I have made this an annual event...and we know from experience that we need to start early in the day, if we want to see all the gardens on the list.

One of the world's most spectacular show gardens is situated right in our community...I have a seasons pass and visit regularly. However, on Saturday we had the privilege of touring the owner's private gardens. Would you not like to sit in his garden swing for a spell? His yard also featured an environmentally friendly swim pond...shared equally by the frogs, birds and grandchildren!

My favorite stop on the tour were the gardens surrounding this rambling country estate.

The gardens were all well established...weathered statues peeked out from among the blooms.
We walked through rose gardens...formal English gardens...

...and lush gardens surrounding the pool.

Beyond the pool lay open pastures...a most beautiful setting.

As we left the yard, we passed by old farm buildings in immaculate condition...and a vine covered silo which stands as a reminder of a by-gone era.

We toured several urban gardens...and it's always amazing to see what can be done in a small setting.

From inviting front pathways... picture-perfect sitting areas...we saw it all! Oh yes, and did I mention mosquitoes? They also came on the garden tour with us...I'm left with a few reminders.

It was a fun time...and now I need to get out and do some gardening of my own!

The sun is shining, and it looks like a good day to try out that new pole in my backyard. And having lunch on a patio with a friend or two sound sounds like a wonderful idea! Who knows what today will bring?


  1. Truly gorgeous gardens. What a privilege to be allowed in them.

  2. You must be some prestigious figure here in town.
    Did you say gardening today?
    I went hurry scurry last night/
    Oops! it was Sunday, but how therapeutic.

  3. Is that ever pretty!!!


  4. Wonderful, glorious gardens! Wish that I knew of a local garden tour here. I did want to go to Tasha Tudor's garden, but not for 169 dollars. :>

  5. Oh my gosh, Judy. Each one is just gorgeous. I believe I would be happy with any one of them.

    When are you going to tell us more about the pole?

  6. On Friday evening we ate our first dinner on the patio you will be enjoying today at lunch. I know you will have a splendid time together. Here wishing! Enjoy ! Kathy

  7. Gorgeous gardens! I see a lot of cement and asphalt here -- it was a pleasure to see all that greenery on your blog!

  8. my goodness....those photos could be in a magazine in a feature story. What beauty you captured with your camera Judy. Hope you have a super day.

  9. I love the vine-covered silo!! I want one!

  10. I've always dreamed of having a garden like one of those...but living here, probably not gonna happen! : ) Thanks for the wonderful tour of some exquisite gardens! How fortunate for you that you're able to visit each one! never told us what the pole is!!


  11. What a beautiful tour. I agree that these pictures could be in a magazine. I especially love the one with the round opening and it looks out to the mountains. What gorgeous scenry you have out there. We have skyscapers galore, but there are some pretty gardens hidden away. You and your sisters must have had a blast.

  12. Oh my gosh, your garden tour pics are so lovely!
    I especially love the vine-covered silo!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson