Sunday, June 29, 2008

from sea to shining sea...

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea.
Psalm 72:8

As we approach Canada Day...I am reminded of our great country and those who have been given the authority to govern it.

I also think back to my one and only visit to Ottawa a few years ago...and a most memorable tour of the Parliament Buildings. What most people would not know is that there are many scripture verses engraved into the exterior walls of this magnificent building...a permanent testimony to the convictions of our forefathers. Psalm 72:8 is over the east window. Over the west window we find Proverbs 29:18..."Where there is no vision the people perish". These are just a few of the many scripture verses etched in stone throughout the building.

How special to have an enduring reminder of the faith of those who once ruled this country...written in stone for all to see.


  1. Country making and building is such a huge undertaking that I can NOT imagine how it would have been done without the leading of the Lord. Thank you for sharing this special post!

  2. my thanks too for the post. Interesting comments i didn't know. Happy Canada Day!

  3. Judy...Beautiful and interesting post is true that our founding fathers had the same reliance on the God.

    I hope you and yours are having a wonderful Lord's day...

  4. May our two countries always be secure in our friendship and good will.

  5. In God we trust...

    Thanks Judy! Happy Canada Day to our wonderful northern neighbors!

  6. wow...I had no idea there were verses written there. are you making for Canada Day? Do you make a flag cake out of strawberries? Or an older flag with the addition of blueberries? more original ideas here I am afraid.

  7. I loved hearing about your verses in the building. I wish our leaders would put more emphasis on scriptures today. I hope you have a Happy Canada Day! Do you have parades and celebrations?

  8. What a lovely post about a beautiful Country. I know how proud you are of your lands and people...thank you for sharing this with us

  9. I thought you were on a vacation?
    Ah Ha, the new future-dated posts?
    Thanks for your great reminder.

  10. Happy Canada Day...we are celebrating the Fourth of July today!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa


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