Friday, June 20, 2008

this and that...

My memories of the fifties are more about running barefoot on carefree summer days and listening to children's fables on the radio than wearing poodle skirts and idolizing Elvis. But a few days ago, I had a chance to relive those fabulous fifties, along with all those who volunteer in any capacity at our church. The church staff and leadership sponsored a wonderful fifties-themed evening as a thank-you to the many who work tirelessly in so many ministries throughout the year.

Some arrived in their fifties cars...others wore their poodle skirts and oxfords...and all were served fifties fare by our friendly pastoral staff. Then came a surprise visitor from the past...who said Elvis was dead? He was very much alive the other night...

...he had no trouble maneuvering about on the table-top with his blue suede shoes! It was a fun time...and it's OK to have fun at church once in awhile. Elvis actually resides in my hometown...and is also known as Steve Elliott. He takes his show on the road throughout the US and Canada and if he's on your road, be sure to 'take a listen'.

* * * * * * * * * * *

On a totally different topic...I have a book recommendation. I just finished reading 'Mistaken Identity"...the story of Laura Van Ryn and Whitney Cerak, who are in a fatal car crash that claims multiple lives, and the wrong girl is identified as the survivor. Five weeks later, when the survivor emerges from a coma, the mistake is discovered. That this could actually happen is unbelievable! Both families have a strong faith in God...which is evident throughout the ordeal. It's definitely worth reading.

* * * * * * * * * *

So what’s going up behind my house…
Could it be a gift from my spouse?

Yahoo…say I and my grandkids too,
We’ve been waiting to see what this pole can do.

If you know the function of this dual-purpose pole,
Just leave me a comment as to it’s role.

Once it’s firmly in place…and doing it’s duty,
I’ll show you my post in all it’s beauty!

Have a great weekend!


  1. oh my...a clothesline AND a basketball hoop attached?

  2. Um .. is it a swing set pole?

    I think it is so wonderful for us to relive our memories, and your church event sounds like it was incredibly wonderful.

    I can't wait to see what the pole will be when its all done.

  3. Will the Maple Leaf be flying high???

  4. We have enjoyed Elvis too. What a great treat the pastoral team gave you as a congregation. I know two of your pastors and their wives well, and they are great people who enjoy having fun as well as caring for the hearts of people. This pole must be multi purpose. Maybe a swing and wash line? Kathy

  5. Could this pole be used for dancing?

  6. Judy...Looks like a fun time in the 50s with Elvis in the house (church)..I'm not so sure about the pole, I'll watch and wait :)

  7. My mother loved (and still loves) Elvis. My memories of the fifties are like yours. Hoola-hoops, catching lightning bugs to put in jars, bottles of Coca-Cola with small bags of peanuts, my grandfather giving me silver dollars - ah! it was great.

    I have read reviews of that book, and I hope to read it soon. I did see the interview with the surviving girl and the families.

    I guess a bastketball goal/flagpole.

  8. Sure looks like a South Texas laundry pole to me... But why your grandkids would want a laundry pole is beyond me - unless they want to watch granny hang clean underwear on the line?? That WOULD bring back our fifies and sixties memories! I like the car best - Elvis was never very dear to me. I'll just skip his picture and go back to the strawberries!

  9. That pole has got to be a washline plus at the same time one of the swings that has two seats on either end and it's a blast.
    We'll be waiting to hear about it.

  10. It's a swing set/clothesline pole...right? How fun!!

    I remember when the whole thing happened to the two girls. It was amazing that it could have happened at all. I'll have to get the book! Thanks for the recommendation!


  11. Did people really wear circle skirts with poodles on them in the 50's? I have never seen a real vintage photo of it. I've been wondering if poodle skirts are a 70's version of the 50's. I have been trying to figure it that out for a while now... Can anyone help me who might remember?

    I saw the Oprah interview about those girls, and my sis-in-law just bought the book - I think I am next in line, so I can't wait.

  12. Hi
    Just found your blog from a comment you left on another blog saying you were canadian so I had to check ya out :) Since Im Canadian too :) :)
    Im orginally from Newfoundland now living in Edmonton. My parents are living in Abbotsford...I noticed you live in the fraser vally too so Im wondering where? :)
    I LOVED this book! I read it in one day..could hardly put it down, it was so good! :)

  13. It looks like one-half of a pair of good old-fashioned clotheline poles......handy things to have around!


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