Tuesday, June 10, 2008

our library dog...

It's been raining cats and dogs out here! (Where did that expression originate?)

Our patio furniture has been rinsed clean almost daily since it was put out in anticipation of our lovely spring weather...it seems we are still anticipating!

Last night as we were eating dinner, it became very dark...and shortly after the skies opened up once more.

We have yet to try out are patio heater...it will help to ease the cold, but won't keep the rain from falling on our heads. Oh well, this is June...and we live in a temperate rain forest...and we enjoy beautiful lush, green growth...and all too soon we'll be looking for the shade of the front porch!

Oh yes...and speaking of dogs. Jeremy and Broni are in search of the perfect farm dog to fill the empty kennel at the farmyard next door...it is proving to be more difficult than they expected!We, on the other hand, are totally content with our dog situation.

When we built this house a few years back, we decided that we could do without a dog. Chief stayed on at the farmyard next door...and wandered over on occasion...but we had no intentions of starting over with a new dog.

We do however have a token pooch...a fifty-plus-year-old border collie who has been dubbed 'the library dog'. He grew up together with my hubby...and went into the archives of a relative back in the seventies when he was no longer wanted. For hubby's 50th birthday, his sisters decided that they would rescue the collie from the pound...have it touched up...and return it to the rightful owner. Hmmm...he wasn't quite sure what to make of that and I had no idea where to put this new pet. But when we moved into this house, it landed up in the library and presided over all the goings-on below!

The grandkids have had a lot of pleasure from our library dog...and Ryder always runs up to give him a hug.

I've actually taken a liking to him...this kind of pet I can handle! So if you're phasing out of the pet stage...consider a library dog.


  1. I too have wondered where the expression of 'raining cats and dogs' came from..
    We've had rain too..even tornado watches but that is common for our area. A few sightings close to our city yesterday but they didn't touch down.
    Your library dog is quite 'handsome'.

  2. I looked up the origin of raining cats and dogs and the origin is....there is no definitive origin! LOL! They said it could have derived from a couple of different things, but the website had no answer! Rats!! LOL
    I love your library dog! The perfect pooch! When we are all out of animals, that will be it. No more dogs for us! But we have four right now and they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon! : )
    Take care!

  3. Oh I can instantly remember similar pooches that my grandmas had. They really must have been the thing back then eh?
    Oh and the rain? yah .. our heater remains unused as well. grrrr.

  4. Yup, that's my kind of dog and how fun that Ryder thinks he's cool, too. Sorry about all that rain...don't send it this way. ;D

  5. That's just the kind of pet we have at this time. You don't have to feed them, bathe them, take them to the vet or take them for a walk. Perfect, isn't it?

  6. Please send some of that rain our way...it's been an average of 102 here for the past week and not a drop of rain to show for it! Love the Library Dog...when we lived in England I heard that the animals often slept in the thatch on the thacth roofs and when it rained hard enough they fell through, hence raining cats and dogs...

  7. It's hot hot hot and sunny here today -- thunderstorms tonight.
    Your library dog is cute --can't argue against a pet that is always good and doesn't need to be walked.

    I can't live without a cat however!Try as I might one always finds me :-)

    Have a good day!

  8. That sounds like the perfect dog to me.
    I'm waiting to cut lawns again...
    Hope the old JD can make it.
    Keep reading and hopefully the sun will shine so you can get your crops in again.

  9. We have a library dog named Shelby. She was bought by my MIL for my hubby after we left our Jack Russel Shelby for our little neighbour boy when we moved off the hobby farm afew years ago. At first I thought, oh my goodness who would spend that much money on a life size dog. But she is now enjoyed by our little and big visitors. Kathy

  10. beautiful shots Judy. Oh dear...I WOULD have to scoot over to read your post about Chief! I shed a tear or two. .... I am worried sick about Radar having a lump on his back and we are going to the vet this weekend. He is lethargic but you know...I could just be imprinting my own worries on him...you know how shepherds are!

    Loved your post today Judy...blessings twice over!

  11. Judy, I have an award for you today... :>

  12. What a cute library dog! And a cute little one giving the dog a hug too. I have to say when I read that he was about 50 years old, that got my attention! Then the mystery was solved.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson