Wednesday, June 11, 2008

treats all around...

It was just one treat after another for me yesterday!

As I was having my lunch, the doorbell rang. I opened the door...only to see the mailman making a hasty retreat. He normally drops the mail off in the rural mailbox at the road...but today's package was too big for the box, so he left it on my front porch.

Wahoo! That could only mean one grand prize mystery gift from Trish had arrived. Never mind lunch...I had a parcel to open. Normally I would have been thrilled to have the latest Martha Stewart Living to peruse...but today there were more exciting things. Trish put together an amazing give-away-basket to celebrate her 100th post at My Corner of the Universe...and I was the lucky winner. The parcel contained items which are a reflection of her...where she lives, things she likes, places she frequents and things she likes to do. I can't even begin to describe all that was in the mystery box...

...but will have many reminders of Trish as I work my way through the many items in this amazing gift. I saw hubby checking out the smoked I don't expect it will be around for long! A big thanks to you, Trish...for your generosity in putting together this wonderful gift which is a reminder of your friendship.

In the afternoon, I prepared Betty's Farmer Sausage Quiche recipe from our new on-line cookbook...slipped it in the oven on 'delayed cook' and ran uptown to do errands.

What a surprise to meet Marg at the grocery store...and rather than stand in the freezer section and chat we moved over to Starbucks for a coffee. Virtual friendships are great...but how much better to sit face to face and chat (over a cup of coffee) on occasion? We always have much to talk about...some things haven't changed since juniour high!

The quiche was ready to serve when I walked in the door...a quick and yummy meal. It might be meant as a brunch dish...

...but add a salad and some bread and it's a great weekday supper.

So thanks to all of you my blogging friends for making my day...a surprise parcel from Trish...a Starbucks coffee compliments of Marg...and a wonderful new recipe from Betty. Life is good!


  1. super! What are friends for...seems to me like you were 'blessed' by friends all around yesterday! Terrific! Happy Wednesday Judy....enjoy!

  2. Wow that is quite the prize package! You must have had so much fun opening that.
    Your day sounded wonderful and happy! Now that I see that quiche pic again I am hungry..hmmm, could that be our supper today??

  3. You did have a special day, and I'm glad you ran into Marg. (I just didn't know you were talking about me.) ;-)

    I've been looking at those recipes, and I will definitely be giving some a try. Your dinner looks delish.

    I'm so glad you had a great day - filled with fun, friends, great food and special treats.

  4. Judy .. what an awesome haul. . Who would have thunk this blogging could be so lucrative eh? I'm so delighted for you.
    Oh and to run into friends at the grocery. so fun. . .and of course a good blogger always has her camera in her handbag. . .well done.

  5. Wow! What a wonderful box of goodies!! Yup, sounds as if you had a marvelous day all the way around. Ahhh, life is good indeed.

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  7. Well fun is that!! The quiche, salad and bread looks lovely and I'm sure tasted delicious :)

  8. Judy, I see your weather is a bit wet too! Our snow keeps piling up and then it melts and then again this morning we woke up to 2-3 inches of fresh snow. Crazy, for only our third day in Montana! I took photo's today, will have to post soon!

    Thank you for your well wishes and stopping by today, bless your heart, I just loved this post, what a fun day!

    And...I had to catch up on your last couple of posts, since I've been on the road for a week. Oh the grad post was wonderful, loved the pink ruffle dress and those gloves, oh darling you were styling that day!!!

  9. Thanks Judy for your kind words.
    It has been so much fun getting to know each other and like you say, it doesn't take long and we are bursting from the seams laughing or trying to have a million conversations at one time.
    Hope the sun shine soon.

  10. The quiche looks spectacular, the surprise package even more so, but best of all is meeting up with a friend for coffee and a chat. Sounds like you had a really great day!

  11. What a joy to receive such a carefull chosen parcel.

  12. What a great collection of goodies. That makes the day extra special.

    I love your front door, by the way.

    I need to go find that quiche recipe; it looks yummy. So do your cinnamon twists.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson