Monday, June 9, 2008

the class of 1970's all about grad!

The CSSS grad took place this weekend...and brought back memories of a few short years ago when I was graduating from that same high school. How the years fly by!

Lovella sent out a challenge to post our grad dresses from away back...and then model them now. Yeah...right! I checked the archives and managed to find a picture of myself all set to go to grad...but this was actually the dress I wore as an escort to a friend's grad in 1969. He was graduating from a private school...and let's just say his grad was much more fun than my own. It was an all-night event...ceremony, dinner, and cruise out on the harbour of Vancouver.

As for the dress, my sister Bev was my favorite designer...and sewed most of my clothes in those days. She also did my hair whenever it needed doing...including the haircuts! I'm sure I still owe her for her services. This pink crepe ruffled cocktail dress was perfect for the occasion...and I have no idea what became of it. I'm thinking if I still had it, I would model it for you...being a wraparound, I'm sure I could just move the button over a wee bit we'd be good to go. I'm not sure I'd ever find the pink gloves to match though.

Throw on a blue grad gown...hop in the blue mustang...and off to the grad ceremony we go. The ceremony took place in the high school gym...not quite the pomp and circumstance of the grads of today. Our banquet was in the school exciting is that? I don't actually recall the organized events as being much of a highlight...however, graduating was a lot of fun! A group of five of us girls that had been high school friends, packed up the car right after grad and went away for a grad weekend in Bellingham. We stayed at a nice place...spent some time at the lake...and just relished in our friendship. It marked the end of an era...we all went our separate ways after grad, but the friendships of high school bring back the best of memories.

The records show that I graduated from high school on the academic science program...but my favorite subjects were not math, chem, or biology...but foods, english and spare (a class that was all about spending time with friends!). I still enjoy foods, friends, and playing with words...and therefore I gladly accepted Lovella's invitation to join the team of contributors to her most recent project. Over the weekend a new blog was's called 'Mennonite Girls Can Cook...and so can you'. Check it out...I see a few of my friends and cohorts have been busy in the kitchen over the weekend.

Have a wonderful week...and if there are any grad activities on your agenda, enjoy the hoopla.


  1. Judy, you look great. My graduation gown was blue, too. But, I didn't have a Mustang. I had a gold Cutlass with a white vinyl top.

    Such fun memories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Judy. . .your cocktail dress was perfect .. did you actually drink cocktails? I bet not. .
    The simplicity of the dress is really timeless. You could easily wear that now and it would still be the perfect dress to a freinds wedding.

    Ah the memories. . thanks for sharing yours.

  3. cocktails at any of the grad celebrations I attended!

  4. LOVE the gloves! Why oh why have glove wearing been left behind? Especially now, as our hands age, smart glove would be just the thing to keep us looking young.

    What a priviledge life we had, graduation parties, dresses and CARS!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. Maybe you can find the dress pattern again on a vintage pattern site and whip up another one for the next class reunion.

  5. wow
    what a dress! And those were the days where we wore handmade dresses, right? Now I hear it costs a fortune to 'graduate' one's daughter. Thank goodness I have a son...and to date...not a very 'fashion oriented' one at that!

    Nice I really have to post this one? GRIN

    Your parcel is in the mail by the way....yee haw

  6. I've seen fotos of several celebrities wearing a dress almost identical to that one recently so it really is too bad you don't still have it! My grad dress wouldn't have required much alteration to fit in well now but, alas, it would not fit me! And the '57 Meteor I drove must have retired by the time you graduated. My memorable grad began with riding in air-conditioned buses with over 100 white-uniformed and capped new nurses each carrying a sheaf of long-stemmed red roses to our grad ceremony at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

  7. What wonderful memories! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures as that was a waste of time...
    So I will try to find something else to post about regarding grad...
    Love that mustang..
    Boy do you look like your daughter.

  8. Oh Judy...I love the pictures! You post inspired me to join in on Lovella's blast from the past! : )
    I bet you wish you still had that Mustang! I had a 1966 chevy belair...that was my mom's! LOL!


  9. Judy...I would say your dress designer did your dress...and the have that youthful glow going on from head to toe...I love it!

  10. I love your graduation outfits. Your sister is one talented gal...that pink dress is lovely!

  11. Oops! I missed saying that the grands in their caps are adorable!

  12. That's a gorgeous dress, I love the ruffle all around...and it sure does take me back to that era. You look very cute.

  13. I love your dress --- just beautiful! I love all those ruffles and the stylish empire waist. Beautiful!


  14. Aww..those first photos of the wee grads are so cute!
    And..WOW what a pretty pink dress! I agree with could wear that to a wedding.
    Thank you Judy for sharing your pics and memories!

  15. A very lovely post Judy! Your pink graduation dress was so pretty.

    I went to an all girls high school school and we didn't have much of a graduation, it was more of a religious ceremony.

    I love to cook so I'll be checking out your new blog.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson