Wednesday, June 25, 2008

lavender blue...

Lavender...blooming in a garden near you! There's English & French...white, pink and blue...purple and lavender in every hue.
Lavender looks best grown in large masses...or long purple rows that make you think of Tuscany or some other romantic place. It's soothing and peaceful...and apparently will heal all manner of ills (I wouldn't know about that)...but I do know that it smells heavenly and you should have at least a plant or two growing in your garden!

And the bees love it...that's a good thing as well (although my granddaughters can't be convinced of that).

After determining there were no bees nearby...they were OK with a 'quick pic' in the lavender.

The spring flowers have long since finished blooming...and my hydrangeas are still just a dream (there are tiny buds, but it will be awhile)...but I have a bumper crop of lavender, and so that's what I've been filling my vases with. I snipped a big basketful the other day...and put lavender in most every room.

Who needs a room freshener in the washroom, if there's lavender?

There's nothing quite like walking through a field of lavender...this particular one is in the southern Okanagan right next to all the famous vineyards. We may just have the opportunity to see it again next week when we meet in Oliver for a family reunion.

I've never really tried using lavender in any recipes...but am tempted to try Rachael Ray's Lavender Lemonade. I love we'll see how it goes over with a little lavender twist.

The sun is looks like a lemonade and lavender kind of day!


  1. hello :) Im rae- a new visitor to you spot :) lovely blog... ahh.. i can almost smell those lavendar pics :)

  2. what a beautiful post fragrant...I keep lavendar on my path to my front door, hoping to brush past it each entry to release its wonderful fragrance

  3. Isn't lavendar just the greatest of all scents? It is so relaxing! Lucky you to have it in your home! : )
    Oh, I love the clothesline/swing! It's just perfect!


  4. I noticed that lavendar in your bathroom the other day. I wasn't sure if it was a grass or synthetic.
    Anyways those fields look so amazing eh in their rich color?

  5. All of this wonderful lavender is enchanting. I still need to find out if it will grow here.

    Those are two cuties you have.

  6. Wow ~ am I jealous! Your lavender fields are incredible. I just planted two small baby plants in my garden - I can only imagine having lavender fields! I found my way here from Marg's blog. I love all your pics - your grandkids are so cute. How nice that you were able to meet up with two fellow bloggers. You have created a very welcoming blog - and I enjoyed my visit on your front porch :)

  7. Your little girls are so adorable. They look so happy. What a wonderful grandma's house to play at. Lavender forever. I want to run and play in those fields and I love your swing if I didn't mention it earlier. What amazing beauty!

  8. Those fields of lavender are so charming.. I can only imagine the scent. I tried growing lavender twice and killed it very successfully both times. Sigh.

  9. Judy, your lavendar pictures are lovely. I have a pot of it at my back entrance. . it's a lovely scent. . and I always hope it will keep the barn smells out of the house. .

  10. Sooooo beautiful Judy. I had tons of lavender at my old home in CA, never thought of growing it in rows or feilds though.

    Your photo's are stunning, I can just smell the fragrance, hmmmmmm.


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